Alright, EVERYBODY, this article is for toys that pair with allllll bodies. I’ll be shouting out some booty toys, massage options, yummy lubes, and more– aka. our favorites for the best sex toys for everybody!

There are specific toys for specific body parts that definitely help aid in specific orgasms BUT, there are also toys that can simply aid in exploring different kinds of pleasure with your partner(s) too. Since we at Team RW describe sex as a meaningful experience of pleasure, I’m going to shout out products that do just that. 

Toys For EveryBODY

Maude Massage Candle

Best Sex Toys for EveryBODY: Maude's massage candle being held by a hand against a dust blue background.

Massage candles can be sexy, but they can also be a way to grow intimacy outside of sex. Having a cutesy massage night with your partner(s) can be not only a fun change of pace but a really sweet way to love on each other. For example, sometimes we might not be in a sexy mood, but be craving intimacy. Massage candles can be the perfect middle-ground for occasions like that— they also can be a sexy and exciting way to spice up your partnered sexy time!

Maude Drop

Best Sex Toys for EveryBODY: Maude Drop being dropped by a hand against a dust blue background.

This little vibrating cutey is perfect for at-home massages and discovering new erogenous zones. Whether it’s for solo or partnered play, the drop can be a fun option that encourages exploration (and I love encouraging exploration)! It’s made from medical-grade silicone, is so, so soft, and it’s not intimidating at all. It only has three vibration settings and is a perfect toy for beginners or advanced sex toy users alike. Plus, their products are so aesthetically pleasing, and who doesn’t want that?

Tango Beginner Butt Plug

Best Sex Toys for EveryBODY: Tango buttplug pictred against a drawn dust blue background

Booty plugs! Booty plugs are a fabulous way to explore pleasure, our bodies, our partner’s bodies, and new pleasure points. The Tango is a perfect option if you’re easing into the booty play game. It is the perfect beginner size for any and all body types! Booty play can be intimidating if you dive right in with toys that may be too big— so starting with a beginner option makes the experience far more pleasurable! Also, remember when you’re trying new things— it’s 10000% okay to not like something (the more you know about you is always a win!). Use the code RACHEL15 for a little discount!!

Unbound Bender

The Unbound Bender is a flexible, easily shift-able, silicone vibrator that can be used for alllll the bits. We’re talking vulvas, vaginas, butts, massages— you name it! This toy is fun to explore with because of its bendy nature. It has loads of different settings, isn’t intimidating, and comes in really fun colors (always a perk). Try out our code RACHEL10 for 10% off!

Flavored Lube: System Jo

One of the best purchases to make to spice up lovin’ time is flavored lube. System Jo has endless flavored lube options ranging from fruity flavors to your favorite desserts. Flavored lubes are an easy way to try something new— plus it encourages you & your partner to love on each other’s bodies in a fun, exciting way (the dream). 

Crystal Delights Clear Crystal Twist Dildo

When it comes to booty toys, Crystal Delights knows what’s GOOD. They make the only glass toys we’ll use around here at Team RW. If you are looking to experiment with booty play either alone or with a partner(s), Crystal Delights Clear Crystal Twist Dildo could be a fabulous option. The spiral nature of the toy adds a fun texture that might be different from any booty toy you’ve tried yet!

LeWand Stainless Steel 

If you’re on the booty train, LeWand makes a fabulous stainless steel dildo that is a whole new world of pleasure. With stainless-steel toys, you have the ability to change the temperature of your toy and explore temperature play either solo or with a partner(s). Temperature play is fun because it’s not only pleasurable, but it encourages exploration and bedroom adventure!

Dame Aer

Created by Jennah DuBois

At Team RW, we often rave about Dame Products. This specific product is a suction toy that can be used for many different forms of pleasure. The magic of this toy is that it mimics the flutter sensation of a tongue— so with that in mind, which body parts are you excited to try it on?? Also here’s a little code for a special discount: RACHELWRIGHT

We-Vibe’s Tango 

The We-Vibe Tango is the perfect toy to keep in your bag or take on the go! It’s made with body-safe hard plastic and even though it’s small, it is mighty, mighty! This toy can be used externally or internally to hit all your fave pleasure points. 

Why EveryBODY?

Well, here’s why— we live in a time that is slowly becoming more inclusive, but for a lot of people, there’s still a lot of stigma and shame around the bits that they were born and how somehow having these bits automatically defines their gender AND sexual experience. Here at Team RW, we’d enjoy nothing more than to smash that stigma to bits.

This article is meant to be a safe corner that promotes sex toys and intimacy products for all bits and all bodies— including those who may not enjoy sex with partners but enjoy intimacy (ex: massage oils). My intention is to help people find pleasure products for all types of pleasure, all parts of the body, and all comfort levels. 

We also hope that one day this kind of “why” explanation won’t be necessary or even common. But, alas, the sexuality industry still has A LOT of work to do in the area of providing gender-free products. So, we’ll leave this here as we invite our fellow industry professionals to remember that bodies aren’t just split up into penis-owners and vulva-owners and sexualities aren’t just split up by who you like to get jiggy with and who you don’t. We are all complicated, beautiful concoctions of sexuality levels, preferences, and bodies—all of which are just as unique and fluid as we are individual.