1) When I prioritize myself, I’m able to give more to the people I love and care about.⁣

2) The only thing I can ever count on is change. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.⁣

3) Love is worth fighting for.⁣

4) Sometimes, the only way to see if something is a “good idea” is to try it.⁣

5) Anxiety is not only a check engine light for our beings, it’s a reminder that the answers are usually within us. Pause. Look inward. Slow down. ⁣⁣

6) There is zero shame in being sex-positive. My body is my body. ⁣

7) It’s okay to be rejected, told no, declined, broken up with, denied, or turned down. Just keep going. Keep asking. Keep doing you.⁣

8) That thing that you think is impossible — it can happen.⁣

9) Friendships aren’t always meant to last a lifetime, which is really hard to navigate. I thought I’d stay close with the same people forever.⁣

10) I really love that I’m queer/bi and polyamorous. ⁣

11) New York City is my favorite place I’ve lived. It’s challenging, and it humbles you. And I like it a lot. ⁣

12) Taking the extra time to set the ambiance for what you’re doing goes a long way.⁣

13) Don’t take anything for granted. Everything can change in a moment.⁣

14) Everyone you meet knows something you don’t.⁣

15) I’d rather regret doing something and trying something (most things) than regretting not doing them and thinking.. “what if?”⁣

16) Being yourself utterly and entirely is the most freeing feeling in the world.⁣

17) If I had to distill my life down into one word, it would be AND.⁣

While we’re in the middle of my 32 lessons, I wanted to thank you for being a part of my journey. This past year has been a year of becoming incredibly transparent and you have been there with open arms. So, thank you. Okay, let’s keep going with the 32 lessons I learned from my 32nd trip around the sun.

18) Putting other people’s needs above my own is sometimes okay, but can’t be the majority of the time.⁣

19) My clients are some of my favorite human beings on the planet.⁣

20) I’m not immune to falling back into old patterns/habits. ⁣

21) Good sex… like goooood sex is so GOOD. We need it. Go have good sex. ⁣

22) It’s okay to have insecurities — they just can’t get in the way of the possibilities.⁣

23) We all have time for sex. If we don’t, our priorities need to be re-examined.⁣

24) Relationships are relationships are relationships are relationships are relationships.⁣

25) Drinking more water helps me feel better (yeah, I still struggle to remember this!)⁣

26) Monogamy does not equal commitment. And vice versa. ⁣

27) What we focus on truly does expand.⁣

28) There are SO many different types of orgasms.⁣

29) Sexuality is ever fluid and ever-evolving. Lean into what you want to try out. ⁣

30) The only way we can have a chance of getting what we want is by envisioning what that is and then taking baby steps each day towards it.⁣

31) Masturbation, pot, and video games are excellent coping skills during a pandemic.⁣

32) Sex is a part of all of our lives. After all, it’s how we all got here. Despite being an integral aspect of how we live, we’re not taught enough about it… at all. (Which is why I created the workshops! See what I did there? ?)⁣

You can learn more about them here.

That’s it. That wraps up the 32 lessons I learned during my 32nd turn around the sun. Let’s see what this next year has to offer. Oh, and, of course, thank you so so so much for your support (and helping me celebrate my birthday!)⁣