Anxiety. Stress. Communication. Relationships. Sex. Sexuality. Family. Depression.

We navigate so much on a day-to-day basis (especially in 2020) and yet we're not given the tools to do it well..... at all. Not sure what I'm talking about?

Check out the stats below from a collection of polls I've done with my communities.

We're not taught how to communicate in our relationships; we don't learn about sex, pleasure, or sexuality; we're not taught how to cope with very normal feelings like stress, jealousy, or anxiety. I want to change that. After you check out the stats, I hope you'll take a peek around the site and see how I can support you. There's a menu at the top and when all else fails, just click contact and shoot me a note.
I'm looking forward to connecting with you!
Percentage of folx reporting a lack of knowledge and comfortability around sex and sexuality
Percentage of folx navigating (or have navigated) some sort of mental health issue
Percentage of folx that feel confident in finding solutions for their mental health, sex, and/or relationship issues


Private (+ Public) Workshops
Whether it's a 2 or 200 person workshop, online or in-person, I love to teach on all things sex, relationships, and mental health. I've worked with companies like Dame and Hacienda to teach on topics like: Differing Desires & Loving Your Libido, Body Positivity in "the Bedroom," and Ethical Non-Monogamy 101: How to Be An Ethical Slut, and more.
Click here to check out my virtual workshop series: What You Wish You Learned in Sex Ed in School.
It's sex-ed for adults.
Brand Partnerships
Need a custom program or campaign tailored to your organization's specific needs? Or perhaps you need someone to takeover your IG Stories or be a spokesperson or ambassador for a new product or app? We will work together to make sure we find the best solution for you.

Click here to read and watch my latest sex toy reviews to see how some of my favorite brands and I have partnered.
Speaking & Hosting
As a trained performer, I absolutely love opportunities to engage with audiences large and small. Whether it's a corporate audience, a college, or a room full of couples, I bring a fun and intentional energy to a room or screen. I have been the emcee at multiple events, sat on many panels and have been a speaker at dozens of in-person and virtual events.

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Television & Media
Need a licensed mental health professional for a one-time segment or regular basis? I'm a regular guest on Cheddar News, on-call for NYC local channels, and a frequent contributor to outlets like Shape, Cosmopolitan, and Insider. I'd love to work with you and your organization.

Click here to watch past TV segments and read published articles here.
Private Coaching & Mentorship
Individuals and couples hire me to coach and mentor them in areas like: effective communication, navigating polyamory/ethical non-monogamy, conflict management, navigating transition, differences in libido, and more.

Click here to read some quotes and notes from some of my past and present clients.
Corporations and organizations bring me in for a few different reasons: building a trustworthy culture, improving performance  + outpacing competition through communication, getting comfortable navigating mental health, and ditching the drama to discover happiness.

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