LELO HUGO 2 Sex Toy Review

lelo hugo prostate massager review

The following is a sex toy review all about the LELO Hugo 2 & Remote. The LELO HUGO is a remote or app-controlled prostate massager from the luxury sex-tech brand LELO. It has six pleasure settings and is designed to be used both solo and with a partner. It’s soft, sleek, and great for anyone […]

Hankey’s Toys Sex Toy Review

hankey's toys dildo review

The following is a sex toy review about 4 of the wild products from Hankey’s Toys. Their website says: “Hankey’s Toys are handmade from only the finest materials, using molds we craft ourselves in order to meet our exacting specifications. We work hard to give each of our toys that perfect level of firmness to […]

Womanizer Next Sex Toy Review

womanizer next sex toy review rachel wright

The following is a sex toy review all about the Womanizer Next. The Womanizer Next is Womanizer’s new premium flagship product. It’s luxurious and has cutting-edge features, including 3D Pleasure Air Technology (explained below). It’s also super customizable and is basically silent. Okay, let’s get to this. It’s one of the best clitoral stimulation toys […]

The Positive Impact of Sex Toys on Various Aspects of Life

Positive Impact of Sex Toys

In the age of self-awareness and self-care, there’s been a growing acceptance and embrace of our sexuality. One of the manifestations of this movement is the increasing popularity of sex toys and the awareness of the positive impact of sex toys on our life. While they’ve been used for centuries across different cultures, only recently […]

Intimate Wellness: The Interwoven Paths of Sexual and Mental Health

intimate wellness the interwoven path of sexual and mental health

Today, let’s delve into an integral aspect of our overall well-being that sometimes gets brushed under the rug – sexual health. We often hear about the importance of maintaining our mental and physical health, but there is a significant interconnection between sexual and mental health that deserves our attention. In this blog, we’ll explore how […]

Lelo SONA 2 Travel Review

lelo sona 2 travel review

The Lelo SONA 2 Travel blew my mind. You probably know by now that one of the perks of my job is testing out tons of sexual wellness products. Honestly, sometimes they can pile up so high that I wind up saying no to some, or it takes me months to try all of them. […]

EMDR: Why Top-Performing Business Leaders and Sports Professionals Utilize This


Guest Post By Rebecca Kase, Founder — Kase & CO Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, among many other things, helps high-level athletes and executives break past performance blocks and unlock their true capacity. Like them, you can use this tool to overcome paralyzing indecisiveness, imposter syndrome, and fear of failure. It can enable […]

I’m a Sex Therapist & Educator, and These Are My Favorite Condoms

my favorite condoms blog rachel wright

Condoms. Love them or hate them, they serve a beautiful purpose in this world. And let me tell you, NOT ALL CONDOMS ARE CREATED EQUALLY. That’s why I want to share with you my favorite condoms. The material of the condom, the lubricant on the condom, if there is spermicide or not, the quality of the […]

I Don’t Accept Insurance as a Therapist & Here’s Why

i don't accept insurance as a therapist and here is why

Have you ever wondered why some therapists, despite advocating for accessibility and treating mental health like physical health, don’t accept insurance? If you’ve ever thought about this – you’re not alone. This article is all about why I don’t accept insurance as a therapist. Therapists and mental health advocates everywhere keep pushing that mental health […]

My 6 Favorite Sex Toy Cleaners

my favorite sex toy cleaners

Sex toys don’t clean themselves. I know, shocking. But some of my favorite sex toy cleaners do. But seriously, whether you’re using a toy completely externally, internally, or in some other way — it needs to be cleaned before and after you use it. I want to share with you my favorite toy cleaners that I’ve […]