Let’s talk about butts! We all have them, and we all need to clean them– Enter: Future Method. Here is a review of the Future Method Product Line.

Future Method is a company founded by Dr. Evan Goldstein, a colo-rectal surgeon, with the mission of providing fun, safe, holistic, and science-based information and products about how to care for the butt before and after anal play properly. I’m so excited to share this review of Future Method + their product line with you.

The company’s product line provides the first booty-centric, backed by science, step-by-step approach at taking care of the butt — All in a way that maximizes your knowledge, comfort, and enjoyment.

I was fortunate enough to receive the complete set of products from Future Method, and all I can say is WOW!

Future Methods' bulb, intimate wash, scrub, and soothing cream set next to each other
Original Photo by Kyle Wright

The set includes a Bulb, Intimate Wash, Butt + Body Scrub, and Butt + Body Soothing Cream! Now before we dive into the details, I have two important things to note:

Number 1:
These are not products to be used during play!
They’re specifically made to help you cleanse & maintain the area either BEFORE or AFTER play!
If you’re looking for lubricants that are great for anal play, check out this article.

Number 2:
These products can be used by anyone! And I mean ANYONE! No matter your sexual orientation, age, body type, gender, or if you participate in anal sex or play, these products are luxurious and sensitive enough for you.
(And vulva-owners can use them without fear of irritation!)

How to Use

Future Method’s product line is a three-step process meant to walk you through maintaining a healthy rear-end!

Step One: Cleanse!

The two products you’ll need for this step are the Bulb and Intimate Wash. The first thing I noticed about this step is how small the bulb is! Usually, when you buy a douche kit, you’ll end up with a rather large bulb and instructions saying to use tap water to fill and cleanse your body. However, sometimes this can lead to a couple of mistakes (which can then lead to anal-play-related hurdles) when trying out this vital step, like using too much water, too fast!

Future Method negates this by providing a smaller bulb and detailed instructions that help you properly cleanse the anal-rectal area safely and healthily! You can also learn more about doing this safely in one of the workshops I taught with the butt expert himself, Mr. Bobby Box — click here to check it out!

The best part about Future Method’s first step? The Intimate Wash! This solution is entirely fragrance-free, the appropriate amount of solution you need (no more too-much tap water), and safe for all bodies!

Step Two: Exfoliate!

review of future method pictured is future methood's butt and body scrub
Original Photo by Kyle Wright

Now usually, if you mention exfoliating to a vulva owner, we get kinda shifty because many exfoliants are harsh, have harmful ingredients, or are just generally too irritating to be used near the genital area.

However, this Body + Butt Scrub is formulated to be safe for vulva owners. It can be used in all of those sensitive spots on the entire body!

Some stand-out ingredients include chia powder, jojoba beads, orange peel extract, and hemp seed oil! One thing to note is this product does contain Natural Glycerin! While products containing glycerin are typically a no-go for vulva-owners, this product is safe for vulva owners since it is specified as Natural Glycerin and isn’t used internally. The harmful glycerin is chemical and used internally.

To use, drop about a quarter-sized amount on your hand and massage it into the skin! Once you’ve scrubbed, rinse off and pat dry!

Step Three: Soothe!

review of future method rachel wright photo of butt and body soothing cream

The last step of the Future Method is to use the Butt + Body Cream to re-hydrate the entire body after giving it a good scrub! 

This product is so, so soft and is just as safe for sensitive skin as the others. It features a shea complex with mango seed butter, jojoba oil, avocado oil, refreshing properties like peptides and scotch marigold extract, and botanical extracts such as arnica, sea whip, and black willow tree. (You can find a comprehensive ingredients list here under the ingredients tab!)!

Feel free to use it in all of those hard-to-reach places and truly lean into some yummy self-care!

Who Might Enjoy Future Method

review of future method rachel wright

As I mentioned earlier, anyone with a booty can enjoy Future Method’s entire product line!

Each product was specifically formulated through a holistic, scientific approach to take care of your butt. The intentionality behind these products is shown in how gentle, effective, and cleansing these products are, along with Future Methods’ efforts in sex education. In fact, I’ll be filming some fun content with Dr. Evan Goldstein soon. Stay tuned!

Even if you aren’t or don’t ever plan to participate in anal-related play, these products make your body feel soft, cared for, and supremely healthy.

Pros & Cons

Canva made graphic with Future method spec, pro & con, and extra information from Rachel Wright

How to Purchase

One of the best things about Future Method is that their products are sold a la carte and as a package!

The Bulb & Intimate Wash are available individually (The Bulb on its own is $10) or in multiple packs, options starting with a 2-pack plus the Bulb for $25 together and going up to a 12 pack subscription without the Bulb for $54!

The Butt + Body Scrub can be purchased here for $35!

The Butt + Body Soothing Cream can be bought here for $40!