I love wands, so I was thrilled when NuSensuelle asked me to review their Alluvion XLR8 Wand.

If you haven’t heard of this fantastic company yet let me introduce you to them: NuSensuelle wants to empower “the sensually curious to experience elevated levels of connection, intensity, and growth through innovation, education, and inclusion.”

Barry Brinberg and Thao Luu-Brinberg (check out this IG live with me and Thao!) founded Nu Sensuelle’s parent company, Novel Creations, in Australia in 2009. The company relocated to the United States in 2014, and began winning top accolades from leading industry organizations.

The Alluvion XLR8 wand is really unique, although it looks like any other wand… it’s NOT.

Let’s dive in to the NuSensuelle Alluvion XLR8 

NuSensuelle Alluvion XLR8 Wand

The Alluvion XLR8 is NuSensuelle’s unique and one-of-a-kind wand.

If you’re new to vibes, a wand is a great option! They’re not too small and not TOO big, just perfect size to hold firmly in your hand to use on your own body or someone else’s body.

Wands, while large, are also very versatile, making them perfect for exploration.

The Alluvion XLR8 takes all of the amazing qualities common of a wand and upgrades them into a unique design that fulfills every wish you’ve ever had! 

Two of the most unique things about this wand in particular is it’s dual-motor and dual-ends.

NuSensuelle is known for their motors (and their intensity) but what I really loved about this was that whether you like lighter vibration or more intense vibration, there is a setting for you.

The wand has a button on it called the XLR8. Now what does this mean in plain English? It means that for 12 seconds, this wand can get up to 1200 RPM. That is wild. One of the things that I personally really love about this wand is that the head of it, which is typically used for external stimulation on the clitoris, but can be used anywhere — The head of it is super cushy silicone, but the inside of the cush it’s really firm. So if you press down hard enough, you can get a really firm like feel. But if you don’t and you want it softer, it’s really nice and cushy.

Now the other end of the wand is meant for two different things. Now, when I say meant for it, I don’t mean that you can’t use it for other things. If this feels good on your thigh, use it on your thigh, whatever feels good to you, it’s intended for two different uses. So the reason why the “handle” is bendable is not just to hold it well, which is a nice little benefit, it’s actually designed for G-spot stimulation. So inside of the vagina, inserting it and having this hit in. Now, one thing I will say, this is a pretty pointed tip.

So while you’re inserting it into the vagina or having someone else insert it into the vagina, just be gentle and use a lot of lube and make sure that this is not gonna hurt you. Most wand products, even the double ended, are typically intended for vulva owners. So, one of the really unique things about this wand is that there’s actually a design for penis owners. So if you straighten out the handle and put part of it on your taint, your perineum, the space between the scrotum and your penis — and set it there. It’s curved perfectly for penile stimulation. So cool. A wand that is for all genders, all genitalia and has two motors and is soft. I love it.

Now, not all toys are perfect. So I wanna give my constructive criticism.

Number one, while this is so wonderfully designed, the vibration is so good and has a giant spectrum of intensity — There are no patterns. For me personally, this doesn’t matter because I don’t love patterns, but for many, this is a really important feature that may be lacking. So you kind of have to create your own pattern as it vibrates. The second thing is the pointed end. While it is intended to go inside the vagina and bend and have G-spot stimulation, which does and can feel very good, the tip is really pointy, like I mentioned. So just be careful. There’s a little bit of like a ah, moment.

Overall, I absolutely love this toy.

I would recommend it for anyone of any gender who is interested in exploring sex toys. Wands are really accessible toys for beginners. And if you are an advanced sex toy user, you will find a use for this and love the dual motors. I cannot tell you how freaking cool that is. And also, literally this is the, my favorite head of a wand I have ever felt. I wish you could feel how soft it is. The silicone is so nice. Five out of five stars.

If you are interested in getting your own NuSensuelle Alluvion XLR8 Wand, click here!