We’re so excited to share Future Method with you. Not only do they sell incredible, much-needed products, but their mission and driver for starting the business is the kind of intentionality that makes a company truly amazing. 

We had the pleasure of speaking with the Future Method’s founder, Dr. Evan Goldstein, and learning his passion and why for starting this business. Just like many people in the sexual wellness industry, Dr. Evan saw a need and decided to fill it himself. One thing I learned from talking to Dr. Evan, who is a surgeon and medical professional, is that we are in an extremely innovative time for the sexual wellness industry. We know this, in a lot of ways, when it comes to sex toys and pleasure products—but it is more so true even in the medical world. Doctors are evolving their practices and knowledge to be more inclusive and sex-positive leaning. 

Without further ado, let’s learn about Future Method

Future Method’s Why

Evan is a doctor who actively listens to his patients and by doing so, learned that there is a huge gap when it comes to booty health and education. Unfortunately, this isn’t too surprising. Our country has never responded well to sexual health—especially sexual health when it comes to booties. In the eyes of our sexually close-minded society, booty play implies gayness, which then implies steering away from the heteronormativity of our culture, which then implies, “nope!” Clearly, we’re upset about this (and so was Dr. Evan).

So, when Dr. Evan first started out as a heart surgeon, he realized pretty quickly that he kinda hated it. Soon after he met his current partner, Andy, they realized there was a huge need in the gay community to have access to the medical and surgical care they needed to live the lives they wanted to. There wasn’t anything out there, already in place, to help the gay community have access to these medical options. 

Because of the lack of proper sex education—because mind you, sex education isn’t regulated in our country—Dr. Evan wanted to help create a brand that was both needed and simultaneously educational to whoever came across it. One problem, Dr. Evan voiced, with the sex education world, is that anyone can be a sex educator. He’s not even just referring to Instagram and other social platforms, but literally the people who educated us in our middle or high school health class. Sex education truly isn’t regulated, which means it doesn’t necessarily matter what is taught—just that the sex-ed box is checked. 

That is what led Dr. Evan to create a company that is far more than a brand; because everyone in this world deserves access to proper, helpful, inclusive, non-judgemental sex education.

How Future Method Got Their Footing

When Future Method hired its first PR team, that conversation surrounding the gay community was also not a popular conversation (think don’t ask; don’t tell era)— and there definitely weren’t conversations in motion about how to give people in the gay community access and education to better medical care. That conversation is a relatively new one and is oftentimes, still a very, very difficult one to navigate in our country. 

At that time, the hot conversation was around women’s health— and how to provide better care and easy access to more women. So, Future Method took this as an opportunity to target the heterosexual audience about normalizing anal sex and the before and aftercare it requires. This move with Future Method’s PR Team normalized anal sex for all communities, gave them a platform to discuss sex education surrounding anal sexual health, and the space to start to address the medical care hole Dr.Evan saw in the gay community. (YAY!)

Once the practice opened and Dr. Evan started seeing clients, he realized that there was a trend in his patient’s questions, concerns, and reasons for visiting.

Many clients were experiencing reoccurring STIs, STDs, and hemorrhoids—which led Dr. Evan to realize that people were having anal sex without any idea of how to care for their bodies before, after, and with their partners. He also realized during this time that it wasn’t just about a lack of education, but it stemmed from a lack of products created to help aid in anal safety and pleasure. 

There also wasn’t any change happening towards creating products for better, safer, healthier sex—so, Dr. Evan decided to, once again, fill a hole he noticed in the medical community. He worked towards creating products that would, not only help individuals have safer, healthier sex but would also help spread more awareness and education surrounding sexual education which in turn lowers STI and STD cases by simply having access to more information. 

The Products

Now that you’ve heard what led to Dr.Evan creating Future Method, let’s dive into the products! 

The Anal Douche Solution was the first product launched by Future Method. Its main purpose was to ease & attempt to erase irritation and discomfort. Dr. Evan explained that what a lot of people don’t realize is, STDs don’t happen just from the act of sex—they are caused by areas basically being rubbed raw, and then having sex causes the transmission. Meaning, the lack of sex education and education around booty hygiene, leads people to have sex without before care, lube, or aftercare. This is just another example as to why Dr. Evan believes this kind of education is so very important!

This first product has since grown into what we know today as “The Future Method”, aka the Disposable Intimate Wash + Bulb.

Available in multiple pack types, The Disposable Intimate Wash + Bulb is specifically designed for comfort, safety, confidence, and pleasure. All of which aligned with our experience of the product, which you can read about in Review of Future Method Product Line from Rachel Wright. 

As the company grew, more products were added to Future Method’s line-up, including a Butt + Booty Scrub and Butt + Booty Cream. Early on, Dr. Evan also realized the importance of addressing overall gut health as a part of anal heath. When he was first getting Future Method rolling, there was hardly any talk about how the gut is connected to sex and plays a huge role in the health of our bits. Dr. Evan explained that just like we take care of our hair and skin, our vulvas, vaginas, penises, and booties require and deserve that same level of love and attention. Which, their newest product on the line—Play-Biotic—a daily supplement that aids in gut and booty health! 

Future Method is the Future of Booty Care

Overall, I loved speaking with Dr.Evan and learning more about Future Method’s beginnings. It is my belief that everyone should have access to the healthcare we need and this is especially difficult for people apart of the LGBTQ+ community and women. This kind of education is so important to learn about because our healthcare system is inherently homophobic and transphobic—this reality hurts and starves a lot of people of the necessary healthcare they need. 

Future Method is one of the most important sexual wellness brands on the market today—because not only are they producing much-needed products, they are also spreading education and awareness.