Yes, this is a review of the one and only Momotaro Apotheca. Okay, okay, okay. We review a LOT of companies over here, and I stand behind all of them (only the best for my followers). When it comes to anything in the realm of sexuality or sexual health, we have minimal education and exposure to these fabulous companies. That’s why it’s so important to me that I share my faves with YOU.

These products have become irreplaceable to me and have changed my entire relationship with my body and my sexual health.

Momotaro Apoethca is a certified organic + cruelty-free vulvovaginal care line that supports your body’s natural ability to heal. Their plant-based products are gentle but work absolute wonders.

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They work to effectively address symptoms associated with vulvovaginal issues that don’t normally have a lot of great healing options. They do all this while simultaneously not interfering with pH balance, hormones, pheromones, or medication. 

The company was founded by Lindsay Wynn and Taylor Samuelson after Wynn had struggled both with frustration for the beauty industry and after experiencing sexual health problems that were expanded by medicines, affecting both her physical and mental health

“That’s when it kind of clicked; I was like ‘We can do this better,’ and essentially I turned myself into this vaginal wellness DIY project,” says Wynn.

Wynn tried out all kinds of solutions, found what ingredients & processes were working and what wasn’t; Then teamed up with Samuelson to fill the gaps she found, eventually created the Salve— a one-stop-shop that helped soothe symptoms as well as treat underlying issues.

“That’s really like the genesis of this right. Like, let’s create something that feels good topically, that I’m not embarrassed to buy, that looks beautiful on the shelf, that speaks way more inclusively, and provides a lot of education,” says Wynn. 

She explains how, when trying out different solutions, Wynn found vaginal wellness & sexual health confusing. Hence, she wanted to create a community and space that created straightforward solutions while removing the mystery. 

Wynn slowly expanded from the Salve with those goals in mind by talking to people, learning of their experiences and issues, then creating products through rigorous clinical testing to provide products that truly solve sexual health problems.  

They intend to really address the problem (with a science-backed approach), and not just offer vulva owners a band-aid solution (thank goodness there is finally a solid option for our vulva woes). 

So, let’s dive right into all the products I tested out and have now adopted into my daily sexual ritual with myself!

**Note: all of Momotaro’s body oils cannot be used in tandem with condoms**

Okay, let’s get to the review of Momotaro Apotheca’s products.

First step: Hydrosol

In this review of Momotaro Apotheca, we're talking all about the certified organic + cruelty-free vulvovaginal care line, which supports the vagina's natural healing.

Pictured: Hydrosol

When I’m putting anything on or around my vulva, it’s important to know the ingredients in the product (you should find it important too). Anything with too many harsh chemicals can throw off the pH balance of vulvas and not much long-term aid to even fix the problem. P.S. the fewer ingredients, normally the better!

Momotaro’s Hydrosol is made with plant water and essential oils and can be used for… literally anything! Its primary purpose is for hydration and pH balance– Wynn found that yoga became a trigger and wanted to create a product that could stop a problem before it began after physical exercise but with little effort. However, those aren’t the only benefits!

The hydrosol can be sprayed anywhere (and I mean anywhere). You can spray it straight onto your vulva, use it as a facial toner, moisturize your back + booty, spray it on pillowcases, and if you’re a yogi, you can spray it on/near your mat! There are truly endless uses for Hydrosol!

The best time to apply Hydrosol? When you’re first getting out of the shower or after sex.

Note: Hydrosol contains coconut. 

Second Product and Second Step: Body Oil &/or Tonic

Once out of the shower & spritzed with the refreshing Hydrosol, Momotaro’s Body Oil or Tonic are my next steps– and truthfully, the products are similar but made with specific intentions in mind. 

Let’s start with the Body Oil

This product is another one that can go everywhere– and I mean everywhere. With 6 ingredients in total, the Body Oil helps lock in hydration, keeping the body feeling clean and yummy all day. 

It’s great to either take a bath in and, even better, rub it into the skin while still slightly damp, allowing the skin to absorb all those good natural ingredients. 

While I struggled to include this one in my everyday routine– and it is a great product, made for everyday use– I found that it also kind of epitomized where I needed to pay more attention to myself. I realized that I could take the time to really care for my body by using this product.

So what’s the difference between this and the Tonic? Well, the Body Oil is works to prevent symptoms, rather than easing them.

Momotaro’s Tonic specifically focuses on calming irritation or inflammation. 

Similar to the Body Oil, the Tonic is extremely hydrating & holds that hydration in the body. It’s also great to use in the bath, particularly for its anti-inflammatory properties. Beyond that, you can use the Tonic pre or post-shave/waxing.  

Some of my favorite tips Momotaro provided for using both of these products are to use wide, upward motions when smoothing onto the skin to increase circulation and rubbing the oil into pressure points and sore muscles, helping to calm the body. 

Another fun fact! Both bottles are recyclable & reusable– In fact, if you take a picture of yourself reusing the bottles and send it to Momotaro, they’ll give you 10% off your next order– You can also use our discount code: RACHELWRIGHT for a little somethin’, somethin’ off of your order.

Lastly, Remember: DON’T USE THESE WITH CONDOMS! Oil & condoms don’t mix. 

Third Product: Salve

In this review of Momotaro Apotheca, we're talking all about the certified organic + cruelty-free vulvovaginal care line, which supports the vagina's natural healing.

Pictured: Momotaro Hydrosol
Photo by Kyle Wright

Speaking of irritation & inflammation, let’s dive into the Salve! As Wynn mentioned, this product was the first of Momotaros products and the one-stop shop for addressing vaginal issues with efficacious, clinically-tested, organic ingredients. 

This is another product that can be used all over the body, particularly in places where you may experience or expect irritation. 

It was, even more specifically, made to address yeast & bacterial infections which makes it naturally pH balanced & safe to use directly on the vulva– I’ve even known folks who have used it internally and experienced amazing results! (Read more about my friend Haley Jakobson’s experience here.)

It’s antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory; Apply about a dime-sized amount and rub into the affected area– Note: It does have a cooling sensation! 

It’s really the icing on the cake of the topical trio I received, and I’d truly recommend it to keep the body feeling healthy and happy– It is also my favorite!! 

Fourth Product: Probiotic

In this review of Momotaro Apotheca, we're talking all about the certified organic + cruelty-free vulvovaginal care line, which supports the vagina's natural healing.

Pictured: Momotaro's Probiotic
Photo by Kyle Wright

The Probiotic goes hand and hand with Momotaro’s topical products; While the oils and salve heal and maintain from the outside of your body, the probiotic helps heal and maintain balance from the inside of your body.

“We know and especially people who feel discomfort & get recurrent infections; You know when something starts to change. You know when your vaginal microbiome is just a little bit off; It’s no different than your gut or when your skin starts to change. It’s a system,” says Wynn.

The Probiotic addresses the micro-systems at play within the body, targeting the underlying issues that cause gut and vaginal discomfort or issues. 

How does our stomach & digestive system affect our vaginal microbiome, you ask? 

Momotaro’s website walks us through it perfectly! 

By including probiotics to support gut health, having a happy tummy can ease symptoms of cramping & bloating by helping our tummies function a little better. 

Anti-inflammatory probiotics help ease stress and fight against potential infections– including those headed towards the vulva.

Lastly, directly affecting the vaginal microbiome, probiotics help support a healthy pH and protect against bacteria. 

All of these come together to help create one probiotic pill you can take once a day that’ll expand your self-care to include the inside of your body. 

Holy moly, did I feel a difference using all of these products! One of my favorite parts about this review is that I’ve been able to use these products over a longer period of time (over a month now) I had the opportunity to see how it has affected my body AND using it with the other products. Magical. 

Lastly: A Quick Review of Momotaro Apotheca’s Other Products

I wanted to mention a couple of other products and just continue to build Momotaro’s reputation of amazing, efficacious products containing the most natural ingredients are the Hand Sanitizer and the Hemp Tincture

The Hand Sanitizer is really an anything-sanitizer and only has 4 ingredients in it while still meeting the CDC’s anti-bacterial requirements. 

The Tincture is one of Momotaro’s newest products to ease both the psychological and physical stresses associated with vulvar-vaginal health in what Momotaro’s site calls a “full-spectrum hemp & botanical blend.” 

This product calms the nervous system and, in doing so, can help ease cramps, pelvic pain, and indigestion associated with menstruation– In fact, one of my team members tried this one too & swears by its cramp-relieving efficacy. 

Just swallow a dropper-full directly or put it in your morning coffee or tea, morning, day, or night. 

All of these products really do work together to support your body and your self-care; Epitomizing Momotaro’s work to create accessible, understandable, and inclusive education.   

Wynn also recognizes that “vaginal wellness is not one size fits all,” and it’s so true. Some natural options may not work for you, while medicinal ones work better. However, the most magical thing about this company is that they give us the option to make an educated, safe decision for our bodies about what it needs with no mystery or confusion shrouding it. 

“Were just trying to walk this little line of giving people a natural option, educating the consumer, and providing safe products; Safe and efficacious most importantly,” says Wynn. 

So, get those candles lit, use RACHELWRIGHT for 10%, and take the time for YOU; To do what YOUR body needs. Questions? Comments? Hit me up on Instagram.