by Jennah DuBois

Alright, listen up, vulva owners, yes, we’re talking about vulva-owner woes — if you are postpartum, menopausal, menstruating, prone to yeast infections, pregnant, or just want to learn how to care for your vulva/vagina even more—this article is for YOU.

The sexual empowerment movement is amazing, and so much doesn’t even scrape the surface that is so important to talk about. Such as—how do we care for our bits and bodies in both non-sexual and sexual ways? Because if you’re a vulva owner, your body will likely experience many different phases and seasons throughout life—even if we don’t have babies, our bodies seem to be constantly changing—so how do we care for them in every phase?

Also, a little disclaimer— we can love, adore, and care for our bodies, and sometimes they can be frustrating. None of us at Team RW are doctors—but we are vulva owners who understand the woes that being a vulva owner can entail. This article is meant to bring comfort and recommendations of products that we have tried & love using (as humans with vulvas). 

This article is so important to us here at Team RW for this reason—everyone deserves to understand their body and experience pleasure—no matter what phase of life you’re in, what age you are, or what kind of pleasure you enjoy experiencing (even if that pleasure just looks like you knowing how to tend to your own needs a bit more than before you read this). 

Vulva/Vagina Care PSA

Isn’t it crazy that vaginas have been around since the dawn of time (and like every living human was born from a body with a vagina and ovaries), and we’re just now creating products to healthily, organically, and naturally care for them? Alas, here we are! 

There are a lot of products out there that claim to be good for overall vaginal health that just… absolutely are not. Such as douching and your average drug store vaginal products. So, how do you know what’s good for your bits and what isn’t? I’m so glad you asked—because before we jump into the products, I’m going to give you a helpful little rant.

If it’s not organic and/or pH balanced—DON’T use it on your bits. Our vaginas don’t need to be cleaned because they are self-cleaning (cool, right?). Vulvas, on the other hand, need some TLC, but most of us weren’t taught what to use or how to use it or even when! A few companies we love supporting offer wipes, salves, and more that don’t upset our vulvas/vaginas and keep them happy & healthy. Also, there are straightforward ways to care for your vagina—like peeing after any sexual experience—masturbation included! Alright, now let’s get into the products!

Vaginal Care (i.e., overall health & yeast infections)

If you want to listen to all three of us at Team RW (Rachel, Jeanne, and myself) absolutely gush about a company—ask us about Momotaro. Momotaro Apotheca was inspired by not finding products for vaginal health that aren’t filled with harsh, unfriendly chemicals. And thus began the creation of one of the best vaginal health products you can possibly find. While we could happily promote each and every item, here are our absolute faves.

Momotaro Salve
the phrase momotaro salve drawn in teal against a pink background with momotaro's salve pictured underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

This salve is absolute magic, and I do not say this lightly. As I am writing this article, Rachel and I both have yeast infections, and we can confirm that Momotaro’s Salve is making it SO much more bearable. The salve is made with 100% organic ingredients that, after being applied, provide a cooling sensation—which, when you are suffering from a yeast infection and are trying your very hardest not to itch your precious vulva, clean off your body— is very comforting (and necessary). It is also encouraged and wonderful to use regularly even if you don’t currently have a yeast infection!— RACHELWRIGHT for 10% off

Momotaro Tonic
the phrase momotaro tonic drawn in teal against a pink background with momotaro's tonic pictured underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

Alongside the salve being a favorite is the tonic. You can use this tonic directly on the skin, or you can add some droplets to your bath time and soak in its goodness. The tonic is amazing for any type of irritation—whether sex, clothing, yeast infections cause that—you name it! Plus, it just feels fabulous. And in all honesty, why wouldn’t we try everything in our power to make our bits feel fab?— RACHELWRIGHT for 10% off!

Honeypot Wipes
the phrase honeypot wipes drawn in teal against a pink background with honeypots vagina wipes pictured underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

We love a good wipe because the reality is that sometimes it’s just a lot of work to get naked and rinse your body—you feel me? Honeypot’s wipes are not only pH balanced, but they are made with quality, body-safe ingredients that are yummy for your bits and body. Crazy that we even have to clarify that, isn’t it? These wipes are fantastic for quick after-sex cleanup (still go pee, please), anytime you need a little refresher, period cleanup, and whatever else tickles your fancy. Plus, Honeypot offers a wide range of other unique products—anything from tampons to vulva spritzers! (Use code: RACHEL20)

Maude Organic Lube
the phrase maude shine drawn in teal against a pink background with maude shine pictured underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

Along with all these yummy products, I wanted to give you a lube recommendation that will likely make your vulva and vagina siiiiing! There’s a lot of icky ingredients in so many sex products in general, and lube is no different. But don’t fret because companies like Maude are making clean, simple products that not only perform well but feel fabulous too! The Maude aloe-based lube is entirely organic and is my favorite go-to. Plus, it lasts forever. I purchased a bottle in January 2021, and my partner and I are only halfway through it! Definitely worth the money, and it’s 100% worth taking care of your body!

PMS/Period Care

Press Pause Tea
the phrase press pause CBD tea drawn in teal against a pink background with press pause CBD tea underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

How magical is it to live in a world where you can drink your CBD in the piping hot, cozy form of tea? I’m a big tea drinker and love drinking tea on my period because it’s warm and nourishing—and now?? Press Pause creates a tea that helps relax your body and muscles—which eases menstrual cramps, back pain, and all the other types of ickiness that PMS/periods can bring.  

Press Pause Bath Bomb
the phrase press pause CBD bath bomb drawn in teal against a pink background with press pause CBD bath bomb pictured underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

We love a bath bomb—and I bet if you’re an avid bath-taker, you probably do too! The difference between this bath bomb and others, you ask? Well, this Press Pause bath bomb has CBD in it, my friend. So while you are relaxing, let this cannabinoid do its magic to ease your cramps, bring a little natural balance to your hormones, and relax your nervous system. I mean, what’s not to love about that? Plus, this bath bomb is made with lavender essential oils and made in the USA with quality ingredients to ensure it’s safe and yummy for your body!

Press Pause Muscle & Joint Cream
the phrase press pause muscle and joint cream drawn in teal against a pink background with press pause muscle and joint cream pictured underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

Another great Press Pause option is their muscle & joint cream. This is amazing for so. many. different. things. Back pain, cramping pain, neck pain— seriously—you name it! This, to me, is just one of those things that are important to have around the house all the time. You know what I mean?

Rael Heating Pads
the phrase rael heating patch drawn in teal against a pink background with Rael's heating patch pictured underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

I can not recommend these ENOUGH. I traveled during my last period (it graciously fell smack dab on top of Christmas) and found these bad boys at Target. They are discrete and can be worn with any outfit all day long—and they can be worn to bed! They are truly amazing, and I can’t recommend them enough! These are incredible for someone who almost always has gnarly period cramps.

Menopausal/Postpartum Care

Private Packs
the phrase private packs drawn in teal against a pink background with private packs pictured underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

I am 26 and don’t have any babies, so I’m not personally experiencing either of the pains from postpartum or menopause—but I have people close to me who are! And the one thing I’ve learned from listening to them share? We don’t talk about these two experiences enough. Say goodbye to the days of putting a pack of frozen peas in your underwear, vulva owners, because Private Packs are here! 

Private Packs offers two different product options—heating or cooling. These packs are shaped like menstrual pads and sit perfectly inside your underwear for a comfy fit. A woman designed them with a vulva who saw a need and decided to fill it herself. So rest assured—this was literally designed with you and your body in mind! PS: I bought these for my sister for Christmas because she just had a baby recently and she LOVED them! Seriously—these are a vulva-owners necessity! 

the phrase momotaro salve and tonic drawn in teal against a pink background with momotaro's salve and tonic pictured underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

Momotaro (as described above in the vaginal care section) is another fantastic option for postpartum & menopause. Even if you don’t *need* to use it, hear me out— sometimes it’s really fucking hard to be a vagina owner. I’m going to be real with you—I’m on my third straight week of a yeast infection and have felt very upset with my body numerous times. And that’s gotten me thinking about how vital my Momotaro routine is to reconnect with a part of my body that I struggle to love when it doesn’t feel like it loves me back. I don’t have experience with postpartum or menopause. Still, coming from someone who has spent years trying to navigate very painful periods, occasional painful penetrative sex, and long-term yeast infections— it’s SO important to connect and care for our vulvas & vaginas in a non-sexual way. 

The reality is—our bodies deserve love. Even the parts that seem a bit messy to love sometimes.

Press Pause Capsules
the phrase press pause capsules drawn in teal against a pink background with press pause capsules pictured underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

Fun Fact: CBD has some MAJOR positive effects on menopause symptoms— Everything from night sweats to headaches to allergies to mood swings CBD can address! Seriously, it’s such a potent, wellful anti-inflammatory and mood-stabilizer, and what better way to get it than taking it in capsule form!

One major perk of taking it by capsule is bypassing the taste that sometimes turns people off to CBD. Also, you can take it alongside your other daily vitamins/supplements, so you won’t even need to change up your routine. Feel more relaxed throughout the day or before bed—or truly whenever you need it!

Crystal Delights Dilator Set
the phrase crystal delights dilator set drawn in teal against a pink background with delights dilator set pictured underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

Having a baby and menopause are huuuuge changes to the body (I don’t have to tell you!), and sometimes those changes can make things that used to feel good (such as penetrative sex) not feel as good anymore. That’s where Crystal Delights Dilator set comes in! This company is incredible— it’s run by one of the cutest lil ladies on the planet and their products are made with quality glass ingredients. 

I know what you might be thinking— “Glass????” It’s incredibly safe and won’t burst inside of you (promise). It also feels comfy, and paired with your fave lube, is a perfect way to start warming your body back up to penis-in-vagina-sex (if that’s what you’re aiming for). These products were designed to be worn over more extended periods to help your vaginal canal slowly get comfier with things inside of it—as I said—our bodies change over time. What may have been fabulous at one point might not be anymore. AND if you want to try certain things again (such as penetrative sex), this is a product that you could benefit from!

Menopausal/Pregnancy/Postpartum Pleasure

the phrase Zumio drawn in teal against a pink background with Zumio toy pictured underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

Zumio is one of our new partners (hey, friends!) and is a company we are excited to share with you! Zumio’s products don’t look like any other sexual wellness products on the market—it’s fine tip vibrating head either immediately turns people on to it or off to it—but we’re here to give you the rundown!

We talked to Zumio’s founder, and their products are gaining popularity with vulva owners experiencing menopause because of the direct, powerful contact that the toy makes with the clitoris. Many vulva owners lose certain sensitives, or their preferences change, and Zumio has proven to be a product that pleases the menopausal masses!

A little disclaimer: whether you are postpartum or menopausal— you still deserve pleasure. Even if that pleasure looks different than before, or you feel as if you are rediscovering yourself all over again— you are worth it! I promise.❤️

Dame Arousal Serum
the phrase Dame arousal serum drawn in teal with the dame arousal serum pictured undearneath with someone holding it
Created by Jennah DuBois

Dame’s Arousal Serum is another fave around Team RW. Dame makes intentional products with its users at the forefront of all their decisions. This arousal spray helps *get you in the mood* when your body might not be moving as quickly as your mind. Which, let’s be real, happens to absolutely everyone alive (I’m assuming most likely). 

Dame’s website describes their spray as, “a pH-balanced formula with natural ingredients that awakens your clitoris with a warm tingle.” Plus, it can be used during oral—if you know what I mean (wink, wink). — RACHELWRIGHT for a special discount.

Maude Cone 
the phrase maude cone drawn in teal against a pink background with maude cone pictured underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

Vulva owners— if you are feeling sensitive to vulva/vagina play or are just looking to mix things up—anal play is a GREAT place to start! Maude’s booty plug, the Cone, is a small and approachable butt plug designed for beginners and experienced people alike. How can that be possible, you ask? It’s the perfect size for casual booty play while still providing you the space to get comfy with the idea (if it’s new to you, that is!). 

This is an amazing option if you’re feeling sensitive in other areas of your body but still want to explore intimacy with yourself or your sexual partner(s). You can also use my code JENNAH10 for this one!

the phrase OhNut drawn in teal against a pink background with OhNut pictured underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

If you love penetrative sex, but deep penetration isn’t your jam right now, OhNut may be perfect for you and your partner(s)! OhNut is a comfy buffer that goes onto the penis and allows for penetration sex not to be as deep— which if someone has vaginal pain, it can help solve the pain problem while also not having to sacrifice the penetrative sex you enjoy! OhNut is adjustable (by removing or adding however many rings you so desire) and many penis owners say it adds a nice sensation to sexy time. This is also great for penetrative anal play to control the depth of penetration! — use code RACHEL7 for a little discount

Betty’s Toy Box LIBERATOR Wedge
the phrase Betty's toy box LIBERATOR wedge
Created by Jennah DuBois

No matter how old you are, I think we can all agree that sometimes finding the perfect position where all people involved are comfy is one of the hardest parts about outercourse or intercourse! As our bodies age and change, I can only imagine it gets harder. This is why we are recommending The Liberator Wedge from Betty’s Toy Box to you! (Use code: RACHEL)

This Wedge is designed to help you find comfy positions for solo or partnered play. Plus, it’s super easy to clean, and each side offers a different height/position to try!

Maude Vibe
the phrase maude vibe drawn in teal against a pink background with maude vibe pictured underneath
Created by Jennah DuBois

Okay, here’s a fact—the Maude Vibe is the product I have gushed about and recommended the most— to date. It is (and I do not say this lightly) the absolute best simple yet powerful vibrator I have yet to encounter. I love Maude because if you are new to self-pleasure or sexual wellness products, it isn’t intimidating. Their products are designed with neutral colors, are easy to use, and are so soft/comfy. 

The size allows for the Vibe to be used during partnered penetrative sex or solo masturbation. It can also be used as a massage tool for other parts of the body (yes, really, I mean it). Also, if you end up trying them out, use my code JENNAH10 for 10% off your first order.❤️

the phrase le wand drawn in teal against a pink background with la wand pictured underneath

Last but definitely not least is the classic LeWand Massager. Lewand is a staple in the sexual wellness product world, and for a good reason – we LOVE it. If you’re looking for a sturdy, go-to vibrator that will leave you excited for more, LeWand is an excellent choice. Plus, their products are beautiful and coming from someone obsessed with aesthetics; what’s not to love about that?

& That’s a Wrap! 

Well, lovely vulva owners, there you have it. I dearly hope that this article has been helpful, informative, and at the very least, brought you a bit of hope. Sometimes it’s tough to be a vulva owner, and this information isn’t exactly “at-the-ready” for us in times of need. Alas, that is why we are here—to normalize the conversations not just around sex but the body parts that often bring us the most joy and most significant confusion. 

If you try any of these products and love them, we would LOVE to hear from you!