L’Acier Capo is the world’s first vibrating stainless steel dildo. Yep, the FIRST.

L’Acier is a company under the Velvet umbrella, a new company I’ve recently partnered with because I love their toys — they’re unique, fun, playful, and super open to feedback.

L’Acier makes 3 toys — all stainless steel and all unique: CAPO, SLIDE & REVERB.

Capo’s design is purposely shaped for vaginal masturbation (check out the handle for easy insertion) and vibrates from a silicone bullet-style vibrator that gets inserted into the bottom of the dildo (it’s a hollow stainless steel toy). The handle design allows you to rest your wrist on your belly and easily manipulate the metal dildo, which makes this toy more accessible for more people (WE LOVE!). Also, the creators say that “[it] will likely make you squirt if you don’t pull out after the first couple of orgasms.” Sign me up. 

lacier stainless steel vibrating dildo review
lacier stainless steel vibrating dildo review

Specs of L’Acier CAPO

TypeInternal Stainless Steel Vibrating Dildo
PowerSilicone Bullet is Rechargeable with USB magnet
Movement10 speeds
Dimensions1.2″ girth of dildo x 7.75″ length (not all insertable) x 6″ handle
Battery Life40 – 120 minutes
Charging Time6 – 8 hours
MaterialsBody-safe plastic, stainless steel & silicone
Other InfoWaterproof & Lifetime Warranty

How to Use the L’Acier CAPO & Who It’s Best For

How do you use this one-of-a-kind toy?

Here’s a quick rundown:

Step 1: Hold the toy in your hand and put any kind of pH-friendly lubricant onto the toy. (It’s stainless steel so you can use lubricant made from anything you want!)

Step 2: Hold the handle and get comfy (or have your partner hold it and get comfy). Insert the stainless steel dildo into the vagina and get comfy. Hit the bottom of the vibrator and find the level you enjoy.

Step 3: Play! Explore the different settings and what feels good.

BTW, the CAPO is great but NOT MADE FOR ANAL PLAY; It can get lost and does not have a retrieval mechanism.

lacier stainless steel vibrating dildo review

Pros & Cons


  • Can be used solo or with a partner
  • 10 vibration levels
  • Handle makes it super easy for anyone to use this toy
  • High-quality materials
  • Lifetime warranty (lasts forever!)
  • Can use any type of lube


  • It’s not as heavy as a non-vibrating stainless steel toy

Overall Review & Takeaways

Click here to get your L’Acier CAPO vibrating stainless steel dildo!