by Jennah DuBois

Queue: “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!” Which, in reality, it is and it isn’t for a lot of people. Winter and the holidays can be both magical, daunting, cozy, difficult, and literally dark (thanks Day Light Savings, we hate you). 

We wanted to pop into your feed (and your hearts) before the seasonal depression hits with a *Holiday Survival Guide* full of a few products we recommend, cozy beverages, ways to move your body when you just aren’t feeling like it, and easy ways to spruce up your living space—for the holiday lovers and haters alike. 

Winter is, in fact, coming and we can be prepared for her (at least as prepared as possible)! The holiday season is a special time to give to others, but here at Team RW, we believe that to give to others, we first need to give and care for ourselves. If you were looking for a sign to add *more* to your self-care routine, this article is just for you!

More Chill

The phrase "More Chill 1. Receptra CBD naturally 2. Serotonin" drawn against a pink background
Created by Jennah DuBois

Okay, okay, okay you might be thinking, “Yeah, wow, being chill sounds great but how the hell do I actually feel more chill?” I am so glad you asked because we are so excited to tell you about Receptra CBD products (I’m literally squealing with joy—Santa might not be real, but the magic of CBD is)! 

Receptra offers CBD gummies, lotions, and supplements—there are gummies for sleep and during the day. CBD is an excellent option for helping the body relax because it doesn’t give you a “head high” like THC does, but it does help relax your muscles and your body. 

CBD can be an excellent option for people who experience anxiety and depression—and if it’s taken during the day, you can still be efficient with work, kids—whatever you have to get done!

Another fabulous option during the winter months is taking serotonin supplements! Oftentimes, because of the lack of sunshine, social interaction, and general warmth, our serotonin levels can drop during the winter season—which helps explain why so many people experience seasonal depression. Taking serotonin supplements can help boost those happiness levels a bit—plus, you can order them from Amazon to get them delivered right to your door!

More Cozy 

The phrase "More Cozy 1. Four Sigmatic 2. Remote-controlled candles" drawn against a pink packground
Created by Jennah DuBois

In the spirit of talking about anxiety—coffee, for a lot of people, can be a daily drink of choice and also not help the anxiousness situation. 

Four Sigmatic is a mushroom/coffee bean combination (that tastes exactly like coffee!) that doesn’t give you the jittery, anxious feeling that normal coffee can sometimes provide. Their coffee is loaded with probiotics and still creates the cozy morning feel—without the anxiety. I’m a major coffee lover but coffee doesn’t always love me back—so if this is you too, I highly recommend it!

During all seasons, but especially during the dreary winter months, it’s so important to create ambiance and a comfy environment that helps you feel cozy. My partner and I bought these candles when we moved into our little apartment and they have been such a source for joy for us in the evenings! 

We turn off all the lights when we watch movies or TV except for these candles—they also are absolutely magical to fall asleep with. We’ve also discovered recently during the Halloween season and now Christmas season, that they also serve as decorations! And personally, I wish I could have my home decorated somehow all year round and these candles make me feel like it is!

More Pleasure

The phrase "More Pleasure 1. Dame 2. Le Wand" drawn with the quote "Touch your body" drawn against a pink background
Created by Jennah DuBois

Listen up babes, this is an important reminder: Don’t abandon your pleasure during the dreary winter months!! Specifically, don’t abandon your physical pleasure with your own body. Sometimes when we are feeling low, disconnected, and reclusive, one of the best ways to *feel something* is to in fact feel something. Yes, I am talking about sexy time with ourselves—even if we don’t orgasm (because that is never the goal), prioritizing intimate time with our bodies is so important in helping us feel more connected to ourselves, our feelings, and our needs. 

Dame Products is doing a special little deal now through November 13th—where if you sign up for their SMS messaging you’ll get early access to their new Holiday Bundle!! This bundle is gonna be chock-full of goodies so there’s no time to waste! Not only is it a great deal but you’ll have early access to purchase it before it’s released to everyone else (can I get a whoop whoop)! 

Another great pleasure investment for the holidays is literally anything from Le Wand. With a wide array of products—especially new releases—they’re most known for their take on the Original Magic Wand

Remember when we said we believe that we need to give & care for ourselves in order to give & care for others— Dame & Le Wand have got you *covered* this holiday season. TREAT YO SELF.  

More Nourishment 

A Tortilla Soup recipe drawn against a pink background with a pink background. Downloadable copy with instructions in alt text
Created by Jennah DuBois

The other day I referred to myself as a little soup bitch and… I am going to share my soup bitchiness with all of you lovely souls. I am a BIG fan of eating seasonally because I love making everything feel like it’s a holiday (I’m a little extra but just keep reading, k?). 

Food, anytime in my opinion, but specifically during the cozy season, is such an amazing ambiance creator, source of happiness, and is so nourishing to not only our tummies but our mental health too. So, even though this is different from the usual recommendations you get from Team RW, here is my newly perfected tortilla soup recipe—ENJOY!

It’s getting cold outside, it’s getting dark earlier, it’s getting harder to get our cute booties off of the couch to go do things because we are so warm and cozy under our weighted blankets with a glass of pinot noir—oops, got a little distracted there imagining what I’ll be doing as soon as I finish writing this article (or am I already doing it now??)—anyways! 

Whether you work from home or come home from work and instantly sit on the couch, it’s good to move our bodies (even when we really don’t feel like it). Aside from being a sex educator, I’m also a certified yoga instructor—surprise! 

Here are some of my favorite at-home stretches that I try to do at least once a day (hopefully more since I am sitting all day, but in all honesty, some days I can’t commit to more and that’s okay) while I am watching TV, or most evenings I even do them in bed before I go to sleep, or sometimes I will do them while listening to my fave podcast while taking a mid-day work break. 

It doesn’t have to be fancy, you don’t even have to change your clothes, you won’t get sweaty, AND it will be so good for your joints—I promise you, you’ll likely thank me in your head after.