Life’s too short for painful sex. Meet OhNut: a customizable wearable device designed to make sex enjoyable for everyone. Playful. Smart. Doctor approved,” OhNut says. Personally, I think this is a staple for anyone having penetrative sex. Meet the OhNut Penetrative Sex Aid.

I had heard about OhNut from colleagues and even knew one person who tried it and credits it to saving her sex life with her partner while she was battling with endometriosis. OhNut‘s packaging is beautiful and even says on the side, “Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was the perfect sex life.”

OhNut Penetrative Sex Aid - Product Review

The pink glass dildo is not included. (I just thought it looked nice and demonstrated the product well!)

Between the easy to read exterior of the box and the instructions inside, it became immediately aware to me that any vagina-owner having penetrative sex could benefit from this toy.

75% of vagina-owners, according to OhNut’s website, will feel discomfort from penetrative sex that is too deep at some point in their life. Whether that is due to a temporary or ongoing issue, it’s incredibly common and not discussed enough. Sex should not be painful (and I choose the word ‘should’ incredibly intentionally).

The OhNut can aid professional treatments to:

  • Avoid collision dyspareunia (ex. decrease contact with uteral sacral ligaments and/or rectovaginal septum)
  • Decrease tension on scar tissue or pelvic adhesions
  • Reduce pressure on pelvic organs that may be tender or inflamed
  • Limit painful cervical stimulation
  • Build mental relaxation that relaxes the pelvic floor

OhNut Penetrative Sex Aid - Product Review

Let’s talk about the specs:

  • FDA approved body- and skin-safe polymer blend. It’s a thermo-set material that is BPA, phthalate, and latex-free.
  • Soft & Stretchy
  • Width stretches to 8″, and the height of all 4 rings is 2 ¾” tall
  • Condom compatible
  • Colors Available: Jade + Aloe
  • Sizes Available: One Size
  • Silicone + Water Lube Friendly
  • Package Includes: OhNut (4 rings), a storage pouch, + clever conversation starters

How to Use OhNut

  1. Practice linking the rings together (pinch two, lift, and wrap)
  2. Wash all 4 rings with soapy water
  3. Start with 3 rings put together
  4. Put silicone or water-based lube on the shaft of the penis or on the insertable toy
  5. Slide OhNut down to the base of the toy or penis (you can explore different positions with different numbers of rings)
  6. Enjoy!!
  7. Wash off all of the rings with soapy water, link together and store in the bag they provide!

Who May Enjoy This Toy, Sensations, & Ways to Use OhNut

Anyone who experiences any discomfort during penetrative sex will love and get a lot of use out of OhNut. I don’t typically have any issue around deep penetration, however, when I used the OhNut with my partner, it almost felt like it was a different person! It felt different (not better or worse, just different!) and it felt great when the OhNut hit my body.

The OhNut is both practical and a very strong mental tool. It gave us both confidence to have pain-free sex and not worry – which was truly a life changer when I was dealing with pelvic floor pain.” — Anonymous, 32, Female

As the person being penetrated, the sensations were basically the same as typical penetrative intercourse but with ZERO pain or discomfort around my cervix.

I didn’t miss the ‘true’ depth of thrusting because of how well the ‘nuts’ are designed. Once I got over the visual of my dick being squeezed, everything was really great. I didn’t have to think.” — Anonymous, 33, Male

You can use this toy with a partner and their anatomy or use this with a toy solo or with a partner.

Pros & Cons of OhNut


  • Super comfortable for both partners and allows for such mental relaxation around depth of penetration
  • Medical professionals and sex educators alike recommend this product
  • Easy to use, safe material, easy to clean
  • Can re-build confidence and connection
  • Can be used with a partner or on a dildo/other toys (like the pink glass one in the photo above)
  • In many cases, the most affordable option to have non-painful sex


  • None

Overall Rating

To summarize, I can’t believe this is such a new toy. I think vagina-owners everywhere owe Emily Sauer a big thank you.

This ‘toy’ – this penetrative sexual aid – is an investment in my sex life. I know that no matter what is going on with my body, I’ll have a tool to help me stay connected with my penetrative partner(s). Buying an OhNut is an investment in your sex life.

Overall: 5/5 stars. Go get it. Now.

Where You Can Purchase OhNut

I am an affiliate for OhNut and support their mission, business, and products 100%. You can use the code RACHEL7 to get $7 off of your order (and I’ll get a little somethin’ somethin’ from them, too!)!