The following is a sex toy review all about the LELO Hugo 2 & Remote. The LELO HUGO is a remote or app-controlled prostate massager from the luxury sex-tech brand LELO. It has six pleasure settings and is designed to be used both solo and with a partner. It’s soft, sleek, and great for anyone wanting to explore prostate play or who has explored a lot and wants a new way to explore their own backside. There are two motors in it (base and tip), which provide hands-free prostate orgasms and are what they consider to be medium size, making it suitable for all body types and experience levels.

Features of the LELO HUGO™ 2

  • SenseMotion Technology – the remote is motion-sensitive and can be adjusted by flicking the wrist
  • 6 Settings – from a low murmur to a more intense pulse
  • Waterproof and silky soft silicone

Specs of LELO HUGO™ 2

TypeApp/Remote Controlled Prostate Massager
PowerUSB plug-in charging cord
Weight4.1 oz.
Size & Diameter & Insertable Length4.1 x 4.2 x 1.6 in. // 1.28 in. // 3.4 in.
Battery LifeLi-Ion 420 mAh 3.7 V // 2 hours
Warranty1-year warranty and 10-year quality guarantee
MaterialsBody-safe silicone / ABS plastic
Max Noise50 dB

How to Use LELO HUGO™ 2

Step 1: Make sure it’s charged (2-hour charge time), and you have lubricant 🙂

Step 2: Turn it on by pressing the power button and cycling through the modes so you can first feel what it feels like outside of your body.

Step 3: Turn on the remote and test out the flicking motion to adjust the intensity of the toy. (The remote’s batteries and a sample of the LELO lubricant are included in the package.)

Step 4: Insert HUGO™ 2 into the butt of the prostate owner who’s using it (breathe deeply and please use enough lube meant for anal play!)

Step 5: Find the setting you like the best and *enjoy*.

Step 6: Bask in the glow, relax, clean your toy, and turn it off (and recharge!)

Pros & Cons


  • Smooth, soft material that feels good to the touch
  • Shape that is conducive to prostate massage
  • Medium-plus vibrations for those who enjoy them


  • It may not be long enough for full prostate stimulation for some
  • Not great for dynamic movement

Overall Review & Takeaways

It is a great intermediate-level toy for solo or partnered play, with enough of a base to enjoy with small assisted movements. Prostate owners agree… would recommend!

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