Let’s be very clear right away that this is a luxury sex toy. Womanizer, a company under the WOW Tech Umbrella (We-Vibe is also a WOW Tech company!), is known for its technology surrounding ultimate clitoral pleasure — so continue reading for the Womanizer DUO review. (it’s a good one…)

Their hashtag on social media is #IMasturbate and they promote a healthy solo sex life for clitoris owners, which is something I can always get behind.

Today, we’re going to be specifically talking about the Womanizer DUO, which “pairs contactless clitoral suction with G-spot vibes.

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Their packaging is GORGEOUS and it’s very clear that you’ve bought a luxury product from the moment you look at the box.

womanizer duo review rachel wright

Let’s talk about the specs:

How to Use the Womanizer DUO

womanizer duo rachel wright review
  1. Wash your Womanizer DUO with toy cleaner or soap and water
  2. Grab your favorite water-based, glycerin-free lubricant and cover the insertable part of the toy (and your vulva!) with it
  3. Press the ‘on’ button – this puts the toy in stand by mode.
    1. From Womanizer: “With Smart Silence™ your Womanizer is only active when you actually place it on your clitoris. Only then does the dual stimulation start, at the first intensity level (external stimulation of your clitoris and internal stimulation of your G-spot at the same time). This not only makes it more discreet to use, but also makes it more pleasant for you to enjoy. Please make sure that you aren’t touching the stimulation head when you switch on your Womanizer, as otherwise the Smart Silence™ function cannot be ensured.
  4. Insert the toy inside of your (or your partner’s) vagina
  5. Spread your (or your partner’s) labia to locate your clitoris
  6. Press the stimulation head against the clitoris with light pressure, so that it is covered by the oval opening
  7. As soon as the stimulation head is positioned perfectly on your clitoris, have fun!

Who May Enjoy It & Sensations of the Womanizer DUO

Who May Enjoy It: Vulva-owners who enjoy dual-stimulation, clitoral orgasms, internal orgasms, and blended orgasms.

Sensations: Clitorally, the PressureAir™ technology feels like a pleasure cloud licking my clitoris. No joke. It’s great and unique. The internal shape is great, aimed towards the g-spot, and can honestly create some mind-blowing hands-free orgasms.

womanizer duo review rachel wright

Pros & Cons of the Womanizer DUO


  • Smart Silence™ Technology
  • It’s GORGEOUS and incredibly well-made
  • It’s FULLY waterproof, so you can bring it to the bath
  • Pleasure Air™ Technology: The clitoral pleasure is truly unique and unparalleled.
  • Orgasm Guarantee & 5-Year Warranty


  • Price. As I’ve said, this is a luxury item. It is priced as such, although I do think it’s priced very fairly for what it is.

Overall Rating

To summarize, it’s an excellent luxury toy. It just has SO many features, I will need hours to use this — which obviously isn’t a bad thing. I think this toy is perfect for anyone who has the money to spend, for someone who really wants a guaranteed orgasm, and a warranty to back it up!

Where You Can Purchase the Womanizer DUO


womanizer duo review sex therapist rachel wright