Sex toys are not just for vulvas — penises and prostates get love too. Here are 9 of the best sex toys for penis and prostate pleasure. Penis owners, it’s YOUR turn to discover the best sex toys that are designed to enhance your solo & partnered pleasure experiences. We are going to dive into types of toys, how they are designed to pleasure your body, & some brands to try out if you’re ready to start exploring your body even more.

We don’t often hear about toys designed for penis + prostate pleasure; Pleasure (whether partnered or solo) is such an important part of our health & happiness.

With the rise of normalizing conversations around sex & deconstructing the idea that certain body parts have sexual orientations, we are able to truly focus on *pleasure*. 

What do you say? Are you ready to enhance your experiences with pleasure?

Anatomy, Prostates, and More!

Alright penis owners, it’s no surprise to you that your penis is the pleasure palace (sure, we’ll go with it) of your body. But, did you know that you have another part of your body that can enhance your pleasure exponentially? 

Yep, there is. Riiiiight inside your booty is a treasure trove of pleasure (no seriously). This magic erogenous zone is known as the prostate. There are so many toys out there to help you reach this pleasure point, but first, anatomy!

Drawn Anatomy of a Penis Owner showing the bladder, Vas Deferens, Rectum, Seminal Vesicles, Penis, Testis, Anus, Prostate, Epididymis, & Scrotom. 

The 9 Best Sex Toys for Penis & Prostate Pleasure
Created by Jennah DuBois

Anatomy is so important to understand because sometimes society fogs our understanding of our own bodies. What do I mean? 

One of the most common myths we see formed by society is cis, heterosexual men thinking that booty play could make them “gay.”

First things first, your booty & booty hole do not, in fact, have a sexual orientation (not even a little bit).

Not only is this myth just silly, but it’s also keeping people from experiencing pleasure to its absolute fullest. There can literally be no such thing as a “gay” sex act & let me break down why.

Let’s use a heterosexual couple as an example.

This particular couple loves exploring booty play together. They often partake in penetrative anal sex and other forms of booty play because they both find it pleasurable (and fun).

Meanwhile, down the street, there is a gay couple consisting of two people identifying as males who are also partaking in penetrative anal sex but definitely refer to themselves as gay.

Do you see what I mean?

A sex act is just that— a sex act. There is no identity attached to it (nope, zilch, nada). 

The only reason there ever has been a cognition attached to such acts is because society, so wonderfully (*cough, sarcasm, cough*), gave them one. 

Homophobia manifested itself so much in people that it literally affected how we view sexual exploration. If a cis straight man likes a finger in his butt? Oops! He’s probably a little gay (again, *sarcasm*)! 

This thinking is problematic, but is also just completely unnecessary.

Booty play, penetrative sex (whether it’s with a penis or not), or anything else sexual does NOT, I repeat NOT, determine your sexuality— you do, baby, only you. 

Best Sex Toys for Penis & Prostate Pleasure

There are quite a few types of penis owner toys designed to simulate both hand & mouth pleasure. For example, there are toys designed to simulate penetrative sex, toys that vibrate, & toys designed to enhance prostate play. 

So, I understand how this can seem totally intimidating if you are just starting out. We’re going to start out with beginner toys & work up to more advanced as we move along. 

All of these are recommendations for whatever you + your body feels ready for— you get to decide what sounds hot & what sounds not. First, I’m going to share toys with you that will enhance prostate pleasure. Let’s jump in!

Anal & Prostate Toys

Best Sex Toys for Penis and Prostate Pleasure

Tango Beginner Butt Plug is a fabulous starting point. This booty toy comes in one beginner size to ease all of your worries & fears. It is made of medical-grade silicone, is easy to clean, and isn’t intimidating if this is your first time experimenting with booty play! You can also get 10% off with the code RACHEL10!

Best Sex Toys for Penis and Prostate Pleasure

The Aneros Helix Trident is another great butt plug option! The Helix feels like a couple steps up from the Tango (with the added texture, girth, &  length), but it’s also still an approachable *easing in* option. 

Best Sex Toys for Penis and Prostate Pleasure

The Lelo Hugo is a prostate toy that’s remote-controlled, waterproof, & vibrating. This toy inserts into your booty & you control the pleasure power by the small remote. This can be fun for partnered play or solo play! Vibrations can feel far more intense if you’re new to booty play, so this is definitely more advanced if you’re a beginner. But don’t let that scare you! This toy is loved by prostate owners everywhere for a reason.

Best Sex Toys for Penis and Prostate Pleasure

The We-Vibe Vector is another fave among prostate owners. It has ten vibrator modes, is waterproof, is made with body-safe silicone, and is able to be controlled by an app! It’s easy to use and mighty powerful— a perfect duo.

Now, Onto Penis Pleasure!

If you are having partnered penetrative (vaginal, oral, or anal) sex with someone who finds penetration painful or you have an above-average size penis, the OhNut is a fabulous option for you! OhNut’s are small rings that easily stretch onto your penis and help create a barrier to make penetrative sex even comfier– Use the code RACHEL7 to get a little somethin, somethin off your order!

The JeJoue Mio is a vibrating cock ring that can take your masturbation or partnered play to the next level! If you have had sex with a vulva owner, the cock ring also provides stimulation to the clitoris during vaginal penetration. JeJoue is an amazing brand with high-quality products designed to truly enhance your pleasure experience!

the best toys for penis and prostate play

The Lovehoney Bionic Bullet is a fun toy option if you’re wanting to play around with pleasure sensations. The toy can be worn a few different ways (they give you all the examples on their site) and can help stimulate new areas of your body you maybe don’t generally focus on. This option is also pretty affordable and if you use code LOVERACH you’ll get even a little more money off! 

the best toys for penis and prostate play

The Fleshlight Quickshot is a classic masturbation toy designed to take the masturbation game up a notch. This toy is so easy to use— you simply squirt some of your favorite lube into the toy & get down to business! Use code FLWRIGHT for a special discount.

the best toys for penis and prostate play

The Hot Octopuss is one of the hottest toys on the market for penis owners right now. It is the first of its kind in sex toy technology & has 9-speed settings with 5 different modes to explore! It comes with a little remote to make the experience completely hands-free!

Lastly, let’s take it back-to-basics with a not-so-basic option:

the best toys for penis and prostate play

Cake’s So Low lotion is a fabulous option to spice up any mundane masturbation routine! This product is somehow both lube and lotion textured at the same time while also not feeling greasy at all?? It’s a dreamy texture that’s raved about by users (especially one of Rachel’s partners who has LITERALLY purchased this for his friends). It’s also completely vegan, cruelty-free, free of all dyes & fragrances, and made from coconut oil. 

A Couple of Pro Tips

  1. When it comes to booty play, you don’t want to dive right in. You want to take your time stretching your booty & getting comfortable with different sizes of toys. Start small & work up— your booty will thank you. This will also make the experience far more fun & easily adaptable!
  2. USE LUBE. There’s a theme when talking about anything in the sex world & it’s: use lube! Seriously— whether it’s for partnered play or masturbation, lube is a MUST.
  3. Have FUN. This might seem like a no-brainer tip, but sometimes we have a hard time just letting ourselves really have fun! Remember that you are exploring and it’s okay to change your mind, take your time, and be unsure. You (and your body) deserve allllll the exploration!