When you hear the words “sex tech,” what comes to mind? Perhaps the latest toy you saw scrolling through Instagram or even the newest app you’ve heard your favorite influencer rave about. All of this and more are encompassed in the sex tech industry!

What exactly is the Sex Tech Industry?

Sex tech is any technology designed to help innovate, improve, or enhance any realm of human sexuality. Within sex tech, the term human sexuality is not just about the physical act of sex, but it also includes arousal, health, education, various sexual sensations, gender identity, sexuality, dating, and relationships

The beauty of this industry is that all the new technology is targeting different aspects of human sexuality in unique ways. This includes everything from sex blankets to dating apps to take-home STI tests and so much more! It’s an industry that values the disruption of how human sexuality has been viewed and interacted with in our society while developing new products to expand our perspectives.

Since COVID-19, sex tech has proven to be an even more vital industry. As our society moved inside, everyday activities like sex, going to the doctor, and dating disappeared. 

The sex tech industry took this opportunity to create new technology like long-distance controlled vibrators, virtual reality porn, sex robots, mail deliverable birth control, masturbators, and dating online in order to make our transition easier & sexual exploration more accessible while inside. 

A study done by the Kinsey Institute found that one in five people tried something new in the bedroom during the first few months of the pandemic. “Trying something new” included watching porn, visiting or performing on adult sites, and using sex toys. 

In an article, Insider reported that OnlyFans, the subscription service whose large focus is on adult content, saw an average of 200,000 users signing up every day in the spring of 2020. 

Another report by the New York Times found that WOW tech group, the owner of We-Vibe, Womanizer, Arcwave and pjur, had a boom in online sales during April 2020, a 200% boom, to be exact. 

All this data shows that sex tech became an essential part of our lives during the lock-down phase of the pandemic — and continues to be vital to our society.

The sex tech industry is now a booming industry predicted to be worth more than $122 billion in 2024. New technology is also coming out daily from the industry, revolutionizing all aspects of human sexuality. 

The pandemic created this space where people became more comfortable relying on technology for everything in their lives, and sexuality was included. People were able to explore their sexuality, sexual interests, and more with the help of sex tech. The embrace of relying on technology during the pandemic also reduced a lot of the shame that can come from using sex tech. 

Why is the Sex Tech Industry Important?

This new interest in sex tech during the pandemic has shown us three major reasons why the industry is important: 

Sex Tech Allows for exploration

Knowing where your sexual interests lie is a key component of having a healthy sex life, and sex tech help alleviate the stress of exploring. For example, if you are interested in oral sex, using air suction technology that imitates the sensations associated with oral can be a great way to experiment!

Sex toys that allow us to experience various stimulations are an essential way sex tech has enhanced our exploration and experiment. More exploration allows for more understanding which overall creates more positive sexual experiences.

The sex tech industry allows us to explore our sexuality and sexual interests in a private, safe, and controlled environment, either alone or with partners.

It Can Release Shame

A huge area of sex tech is in education and destigmatizing sexuality. Shame often comes from the feeling of humiliation or distress. 

Providing accessible education can decrease these feelings. There are various companies in the world of sex tech whose mission is to create non-judgemental, accessible education on various human sexuality topics– like Dame & Knude Society!

This industry has also shown us that we all have different sexual interests, and that’s great because there is something out there for all of us! 

Are you someone who enjoys “messy” sex? Amazing, here’s a sex blanket! Seeing products that represent our sexual interests and desires can feel very validating and unifying. 

All proving how beneficial the sex tech industry can be for deconstructing and releasing our society-created shame! 

Sexuality is an Essential Part of our Lives

Sexuality encompasses a large part of our being; From relationships, attitudes, values, feelings, and experiences. Because sexuality is a large center point of our lives, an industry that reflects, promotes, and positively influences human sexuality is inevitable and vital. 

Sex tech is important because sex and sexuality lie at the heart of everything we are and everything we do.

The industry does so much for humanity by creating space in which human sexuality is explored, appreciated, and destigmatized; Making it an industry-to-watch as we shift away from last year’s pandemic-induced changes and into a more aware, educated, & interactive societal view of sexuality.