Today is all about: The VēDO Kimi Review!!!

Instagram Stories – @thewright_rachel – 8/31/20

When I first put on Kimi from Vēdo, I felt like sexy Spiderman. (And I hadn’t even turned on the vibrations yet!)

First, the toy comes in a nice and simple box and is shipped discretely. What a world it would be if we felt proud about ordering sex toys and didn’t care who saw that we were receiving a package from a sex toy company. BUT, while many of us do, you can count on VēDO for discreet shipping;

Anyway, I digress. Let’s continue with the VēDO Kimi review.

vēdo kimi review sex toy reviews rachel wright
The box got a little damaged in shipping, but didn’t affect the integrity of the toy at all.

Upon opening the box, it’s immediately evident that this is a well-made toy. The silicone looks very durable and it’s mindfully packaged to care for the vibrating fingertips.

vēdo kimi review sex toy reviews rachel wright

Let’s talk about the specs:

  • Made of Silicone
  • Rechargeable (comes with USB charging cable)
  • 6 Vibration Modes
  • 7 cm (the main controller)
  • Splash-proof body
  • Fingertips are submersible (however, according to VēDO’s engineering team, not recommended for internal play vaginally or anally)
  • Can run for an hour with a full charge
  • Quiet vibrations
  • Colors Available: Deep Purple

How to Use the VēDO Kimi

Put the bracelet around your wrist, slip the two vibrating pods onto your fingers (I recommend your pointer and middle fingers), press the on/off button, pick your vibration mode and let your fingers explore yourself or someone else.

It was a bit unclear if the remote goes on the top or under your wrist, however, it doesn’t seem to change the experience. So, choose whatever feels most comfortable for you.

vēdo kimi review sex toy reviews rachel wright
vēdo kimi review sex toy reviews rachel wright

Continuing with the VēDO Kimi Review, I asked my husband to put this on and the wrist band to finger length didn’t work as well for his bigger hands. TIP: If you have any issue with the wrist to finger length, simply set the remote beside you, rather than wearing it as a bracelet.

In the second photo above, you’ll see the charging port at the bottom of the remote. It’s incredibly easy to charge, charges quickly and holds the charge for a good amount of time.

If you’re engaging in rougher play, the remote will easily slip out of the holder, while if you’re playing a bit more mellow or solo, that isn’t an issue.

Who May Enjoy This Toy, Sensations, & Ways to Use the VēDO Kimi

Anyone who enjoys vibration can enjoy this toy. You can use it alone, with a partner, or with multiple partners and it can be utilized for an enhanced massage or fully reach orgasm. With 5 levels of intensity and 6 different vibration patterns, it is an incredibly diverse toy.

vedo kimi review sex toy review series rachel wright
The full contents of the box (instruction guide, USB charging cable, silicone wrist bracelet holder, and the toy itself with the battery + vibrating silicone finger tips.

It’s important to note that the sensations of this toy vary greatly on how you’re using it and the setting it’s on.

The toy is incredibly quiet and is a buzzy vibration. It feels like a lighter vibration and I found the vibration on my fingertips to be distracting until I got used to it. Experiencing the toy solo vs. with a partner was a very different experience, although both were both quiet in terms of toy sounds and pleasant in terms of sensations both sexually and not.

You can use this toy to explore your body and see how bits of buzzing feel on different parts of your body, to masturbate, give your partner a buzzy massage, explore your partners’ body/ies, make bath time extra fun, and many other creative things I know you can think up.

Pros & Cons of the VēDO Kimi


  • Price: $64.95 for a well-made, rechargeable, silicone toy is a wonderful price. It’s not too expensive, and the quality is high.
  • Gender-neutral: Can be used on all bodies and genitalia
  • It’s so quiet
  • Great for beginners and advanced sex toy users alike
  • Super fun for foreplay, teasing, exploring (self or someone else)
  • Easy to use, playful design, and such a variety of uses.


  • Vibrating fingertips can’t be inserted into the vagina or anus.
  • Bracelet to fingertip length is not long enough for ALL hands
  • Can be a bit cumbersome to take off and transition into the ‘next activity’
  • Fingers get a bit of vibrate-fatigue depending on the settings you’re using and how long you have them on

Overall Rating

To summarize, this toy is as close to perfect as a toy like this can get.

The .5 star missing is due to the fingertips not being recommended to be inserted inside the body; While the pleasure is still divine with other placements, it would be theoretically even better if the buzzing fingers can be inserted as well! Overall: 4.5/5 stars. Highly recommended.

Where You Can Purchase

I am not an affiliate for VēDO, which means that while they sent me this toy to try and review, the link I am providing you to purchase does not give a discount or provide me with a commission. If they had an affiliate program, I would join it because I’m really loving their toys and customer service.

Unfortunately, this toy is also no longer available on VēDO’s website however you can still purchase your own through other retailers!

vēdo kimi review sex toy reviews rachel wright