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We have spots left on our sliding scale waiting list, but if you’re looking for a sliding scale therapist immediately, we highly recommend Open Path Collective & Pride Counseling as an alternative option for lower rates.

CRYSTAL (she/her)

Crystal loves all things embodiment. As a Somatic Intimacy Coach, dancer, performer, and Intimacy Director, she knows how to teach you about your body and what it’s telling you – and how to communicate back! Her favorite things to work on with clients are healing and rewiring the nervous system and building secure attachment in relationships. Queer, poly, kinky, and theatrically inclined clients will also thrive in sessions with Crystal!

VALENTIN (he/him)

Valentin is an IFS-trained Intimacy Coach & Guide helping mindful humans to love better their Inner Parts and their Partner(s), moving toward more self-acceptance within and more intentionality with others. He has helped clients let go of sexual shame, performance anxiety, heavy self-criticism, self-doubt, judgment, old resentment toward themselves or others, or simply to navigate intimacy differently from how they have in the past. He draws and shares knowledge from Internal Family System (IFS), Neo-Tantra, Mindfulness, Kink, Sexy Consent Skills, NVC, ENM/polyamory, and more. He is also an avid dancer and meditator and—in what feels like a previous life—got his PhD in Economics from Columbia University and is a former BCG consultant.

KRISTEN - RD (she/her)

Kristen is a registered dietitian nutritionist living in Nashville, Tennessee. She holds a masters degree in exercise and nutrition science. She is currently pursuing her certificate as an intuitive eating counselor. Her love of  cooking and teaching others how to cook is what brought her to the field of nutrition. 

Her nutrition philosophy focuses on intuitive eating and the non-diet approach. She empowers others to ditch diet culture and have a more flexible approach to their nutrition. She has experience working with adults and adolescents. She works part time with those who have eating disorders in an outpatient clinic. 

In her spare time, Kristen loves spending time with her spouse, Austin and dog, Iris. She also likes to travel, make dinner for friends, watch horror movies and read romance novels!

KAYCIE-AMFT (she/her)

I help individuals, adolescents, and families work through personal struggles, relationship issues, and communication breakdowns so they can live authentically and enjoy deeper, more meaningful connections with themselves and others. I provide heart-centered, humanistic psychotherapy that is grounded in theory and science. I value seeing every client as the expert of their experience and take great pride in delivering tailored therapy that opens our stories to new possibilities.

I work closely with individuals, couples, and families to create satisfying relationships, communicate needs, and experience conflict as an avenue to better understand and love themselves and others. While I work with many types of relationships and relationship structures, I specialize in polyamory and the sex-positive community.

MERYL (she/her/sir)

Meryl is a Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coach offering experiential, real-time practice with intimacy for both single & partnered people of all genders, orientations, races, and relationship structures. Being a Somatica-trained coach, she specializes in the teachable tools of intimacy like embodiment, communication, vulnerability, empathy, and sexuality. By helping people work through shame and judgement around their sexual desires, she helps them get to know their own personal eros and take that powerful energy out into the world to find pleasure and joy every damn day.


MEL - LCSW (she/they)

Mel is a non-binary, queer, coach who specializes in LGBTQ+ issues and trauma, and has degrees in Psychology and Social Work. Mel loves reading and tarot, and loves recommending books and using tarot as tools in coaching sessions. Mel has been trained in trauma focused yoga, mindfulness practices, archetypes and Jungian psychology, and creating and maintaining inclusive spaces. Mel’s work with clients includes, but is not limited to, sexual and gender identity exploration, coping with anxiety, learning and implementing coping skills, and long and short term goal setting.

NORMAN-PhD, LMFT (he/him/his)

Norman Hering began working in the mental health field in 1986 at Edgewood Children’s Residential Treatment center for severely emotionally disturbed children in San Francisco. It was at this first mental health job that he discovered his love and passion for helping children.

After receiving his master’s degree in 1991, he went on to have his own psychotherapy practice while continuing to work in the public sector with poor and under-served children and families. Norman specializes in addiction and relationships of all kinds. He believes in the healing power of safe relationships.


SHELBY - LMSW (she/her)

Shelby is a sex, relationship, and psychedelic coach specializing in LGBTQIA+ issues, ethical non-monogamy/polyamory, and kink. Shelby is a Licensed Master of Social Work and an Intimacy Coordinator for TV & Film where she works to cultivate a culture of consent and create responsible stories of sex in media. Shelby works with individuals, couples, and any relationship structure and dynamic ranging from friends, co-workers, families, and romantic partnerships with issues pertaining to anxiety, depression, life transitions, shame, judgment, communication issues, vulnerability, and more. Shelbys practice style is centered around creating a collaborative, compassionate, empathetic, and curious space to aid you in your journey.

shelby terrell headshot

Anna Lei - AMFT (she/her)

Anna Lei is an AMFT Somatic Psychotherapist specializing in Depth Psychology, developmental trauma and CPTSD, eating disorders, and sex and relationship therapy. Her lens is trauma informed, compassionate, and humanistic using DBT, IFS, Depth and Transpersonal Psychology, Imago Relationship Therapy, Somatic Psychotherapy and CRM. She integrates diverse modalities to suit the unique needs of each client to support embodiment and healing, starting with nervous system regulation. Anna works with individuals, teens, and couples, and her work includes, but is not limited to, healing mood and eating disorders, anxiety, codependency, LGBTQ+ therapy, gender/ sexual identity/ kink/ and alternative relationship exploration, sex and relationships issues, and disconnection from joy and purpose. For half of her lifetime, she has been a Tarot Reader, Energy Healer and Transformational Coach and is deeply passionate in supporting individuals in transmuting trauma, accessing their sexuality and personal power, activating their true essence and living their most fulfilled lives. Anna is currently in the process of becoming a Sex Therapist through AASECT as she completes her hours for MFT Licensure in the State of California. Anna is able to see clients in CA for therapy and outside of the state for coaching, and is looking forward to learning about you and supporting your healing journey.

NANCY (she/her)

Hi! I’m Nancy Lang Gibbs a Later Life Coach, host of the soon to be podcast Loving Later Life and proud mom. I help women 50, 60+ move through the challenges and changes at this stage of life  including discovering a new purpose, loneliness, dating, making new friends, embracing aging. You name it, we’ll get through it! I look forward to hearing from you!