I’m a Sex Therapist & Educator, and These Are My Favorite Condoms

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Condoms. Love them or hate them, they serve a beautiful purpose in this world. And let me tell you, NOT ALL CONDOMS ARE CREATED EQUALLY. That’s why I want to share with you my favorite condoms. The material of the condom, the lubricant on the condom, if there is spermicide or not, the quality of the […]

How Future Method Came To Be (And Why We Love Them)

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We’re so excited to share Future Method with you. Not only do they sell incredible, much-needed products, but their mission and driver for starting the business is the kind of intentionality that makes a company truly amazing.  We had the pleasure of speaking with the Future Method’s founder, Dr. Evan Goldstein, and learning his passion […]

System Jo: How This Lube Company Is Paving the Way for the Sexual Wellness Industry

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Today, we’re going to be talking about System Jo—a sexual wellness company that has made big, important moves in the sexual wellness industry. The journey of any aspiring sexual wellness company is likely an interesting one (thanks to how much our society likes to shame sex—even though almost everyone is having it). I’m excited to […]

prosperIV® Teams Up With Rachel Wright for a Sexual Wellness IV Drip

Sexual Wellness IV Drip

One of the most exciting partnerships EVER is happening right now for Team RW—prosperIV, an IV drip spa, is creating a sexual wellness IV drip called The Wright Drip.  This partnership is huge because not only do we at Team RW love prosperIV’s services, but we also believe in overall wellness that helps people feel […]

Vulva-Owner Woes: Postpartum, Menopause, & All the In-Betweens

Alright, listen up, vulva owners, yes, we're talking about vulva-owner woes — if you are postpartum, menopausal, menstruating...

by Jennah DuBois Alright, listen up, vulva owners, yes, we’re talking about vulva-owner woes — if you are postpartum, menopausal, menstruating, prone to yeast infections, pregnant, or just want to learn how to care for your vulva/vagina even more—this article is for YOU. The sexual empowerment movement is amazing, and so much doesn’t even scrape […]

How to Have a Simple, Healthy & Meaningful Masturbation Practice

How To Have a Healthy Masturbation Practice - Rachel Wright

This post is proudly sponsored by our friends at The Knude Society Sometimes, I’m assuming for a lot of people (myself included), masturbation is a quick, feel-good experience with the intention of “just getting the job done.” I totally get it— it’s hard enough sometimes to find time to exercise, cook dinner, do chores, and […]

A College Student’s Guide to Safe(r) Sex

college student's guide to safer sex

by Emerson Karsh-Lombardo It is that time of the year again! We’re packing up our minivans, parents are kissing their children farewell, command hooks are flying off the shelves, students are moving into communal housing, and college classes are about to begin—it’s back to school time! So, just in time for school, here is a college […]

Momotaro Apotheca Review: Vulvovaginal Health Done Naturally

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Yes, this is a review of the one and only Momotaro Apotheca. Okay, okay, okay. We review a LOT of companies over here, and I stand behind all of them (only the best for my followers). When it comes to anything in the realm of sexuality or sexual health, we have minimal education and exposure […]