LELO IDA™ Wave Dual Vibrator Review

LELO IDA™ Wave Dual Vibrator Review

There are so so so so so many sexual wellness and sex toy companies out there. Some are better than others (better is relative — but when I use it I’m talking about ethics, quality of products, and other values that align with mine. Let’s talk a little bit about LELO as a company and […]

NuSensuelle Alluvion XLR8 Wand Review

nusensuelle alluvion xlr8 review

I love wands, so I was thrilled when NuSensuelle asked me to review their Alluvion XLR8 Wand. If you haven’t heard of this fantastic company yet let me introduce you to them: NuSensuelle wants to empower “the sensually curious to experience elevated levels of connection, intensity, and growth through innovation, education, and inclusion.” Barry Brinberg […]

Zumio: A New “Twist” On The Classic Vibrator


I’m so excited to share today’s product review with you because these products aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill sexual wellness toys. Meet, Zumio! A company that prioritizes the sexual gratification of aging vulva owners who might be experiencing changes in their bodies—but they aren’t just for the lovely older crowd. I can attest that these products […]

Dame Products Kip Review

Dame Products Kip Review - A take on the classic bullet, but way better. Rachel Wright reviews the design, usage, and who it's for.

We’re back with one of our favorite companies, Dame! This time to review the one and only Kip Vibrator. If you’d rather watch this review of Dame Products Kip on video, go to this IG post. If you haven’t heard of this fantastic company yet let me introduce you to them: Dame was started by Alex […]

The Knude Society & A Review of Gwen (Personal Vibrator)

Meet the best-kept secret (hidden all the way in the UK) in the female-founded sex toy industry: Knude Society & Gwen! (Think what Dame did here in the US.) Started by creative copywriter and all-around badass Emma Brown, Knude Society is one of the only female-founded sex companies in the UK and is working to bring […]