How to Have a Simple, Healthy & Meaningful Masturbation Practice

How To Have a Healthy Masturbation Practice - Rachel Wright

This post is proudly sponsored by our friends at The Knude Society Sometimes, I’m assuming for a lot of people (myself included), masturbation is a quick, feel-good experience with the intention of “just getting the job done.” I totally get it— it’s hard enough sometimes to find time to exercise, cook dinner, do chores, and […]

8 Reasons to Add Masturbation to Your Self-Care Routine

reasons to add masturbation to your self-care routine

The phrase “self-care routine” is very catchy right now and has floating around the internet, making Facebook scrollers & Buzzfeed quiz-takers stop and open articles at an alarming rate for the last two decades– and we love to see it!   The creation of a self-care routine seems to be at an observable pinnacle of a […]