Dame Products Kip Review

Dame Products Kip Review - A take on the classic bullet, but way better. Rachel Wright reviews the design, usage, and who it's for.

We’re back with one of our favorite companies, Dame! This time to review the one and only Kip Vibrator. If you’d rather watch this review of Dame Products Kip on video, go to this IG post. If you haven’t heard of this fantastic company yet let me introduce you to them: Dame was started by Alex […]

Dame Products: Female-Founded & Advocates of Sex-Positivity

Dame Products is a sex-product company founded by Alex Fine and Janet Leiberman-Lu in 2014 that continuously sets an example for what it means to create consumer products while advocating for a better, sex-positive world. Fine and Leiberman-Lu met after attending several Brooklyn entrepreneur meetups where they were mistaken for co-founders of the same startup […]