How Can I Best Help You?

As an experienced speaker, group facilitator, educator, writer, therapist, coach, and on camera mental health and relationship expert, I am able to offer a variety of services. Which also means that I can customize what I do to fit YOUR needs! So, what do YOU need and how can I best help you? 

My Services

Therapy & Coaching

I am the proud Founder of a Nationwide Telehealth Therapeutic Practice where individuals and couples from all backgrounds & locations can experience therapeutic services in a completely shame-free, inclusive, & safe environment. 

I and my team of Coaches & Therapists work with individuals who are looking for assistance in areas like effective communication, navigating polyamory/ethical non-monogamy, conflict management, navigating later-life transitions, differences in libido, intuitive eating, and more. 

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Need a custom program or campaign tailored to your organization’s specific needs? Or perhaps you need someone to takeover your IG Stories or be a spokesperson or ambassador for a new product or program? We will work together to make sure we find the best solution for us! 

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Communication, Content, & Culture Consulting

Want to outsource your content to a team led by a licensed therapist and sex educator? 

Looking to shift your organization’s culture to improve performance and outpace the competition by building an environment of trust, communication, and mental health inclusivity?  

Look no further. 

Private + Public Workshops

Whether it’s a 2 or 200 person workshop, online or in-person, I love to teach on all things sex, relationships, and mental health. I’ve worked with companies like Dame and Hacienda to teach on topics like: Differing Desires & Loving Your Libido, Body Positivity in “the Bedroom,” and Ethical Non-Monogamy 101: How to Be An Ethical Slut, and more.

Explore my a la carte, virtual workshop series: What You Wish You Learned in Sex Ed in School below! It’s sex-ed for adults! 

Television & Media

Need a licensed mental health professional for a one-time segment or regular basis? I’m a regular guest on Cheddar News, on-call for NYC local channels, and a frequent contributor to outlets like Shape, Cosmopolitan, and Insider. I’d love to work with you and your organization. 

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Speaking & Hosting

As a trained performer, I absolutely love opportunities to engage with audiences large and small. Whether it’s a corporate audience, a college, or a room full of couples, I bring a fun and intentional energy to a room or screen. I have been the emcee at multiple events, sat on many panels and have been a speaker at dozens of in-person and virtual events. 

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“I had never seen a mental health professional before and this was a big investment for me, but it was, by far, one of the best investments I've ever made! I'm better, happier, more self-aware version of myself than I was when we started working together and if I had to do it over again I'd make that investment ten times over to get myself here."

Zaida H. (she/her) | Private Client


What Clients Are Saying

“Working with Rachel is by far the best investment I've ever made. I am the only constant in my life so it can only serve me to improve my inner world by investing in my wellbeing also serves my community. That's my favorite part, it doesn't just improve my life and relationships to self- it has ripple effect on the people around me.”

Kaycie c. (she/her) | Private Client

“As someone who has seen many therapists throughout their life, my experience working with Rachel has been the best hands down. She makes me feel so comfortable and is always available when I need to express something. She's funny, warm, and wicked smart and I never feel like she is "therapizing" me. Rachel always has something insightful to say during each session and it makes such a huge difference being able to work with someone who I know has a similar lifestyle to me. I couldn't recommend her enough and feel so lucky to have found a therapist that I click with so well.”

Cory B. (they/them) | Private Client

"This is the sex-ed that would have set me up for a much more empowered sexual experience and attitude than the one I developed from my very lacking public school sex education. Rachel's commitment to inclusivity and zeal for the topics covered in these workshops is obvious and joy-filled."

Mal m. (she/they) | Adult sex-ed Workshop series Participant, Past Group member

"OMG, Rachel is a mental health magician. I was so nervous and sweaty on our first phone call when we started working together, but she made me feel so safe, and talking over the phone instead of video or face to face added a layer of comfort that I wasn't expecting. I look forward to our weekly calls because I'm confident that I'll learn something new about myself and take tools she teaches me into the next week (and beyond)."

Zaida H. (she/her) | Private Client