There are a lot of “feminine care” companies out there and some have really wonderful branding, some have impeccable products, and some.. have both. Jez V Feminine Intimate Care has it all.

Ya’ll know that I won’t review anything that I won’t try myself and I certainly will be honest in my reviews, as you’ve seen before!

Note: I am NOT an affiliate for Jez V.

Jez V is a luxury feminine care company with great products that you can confidently display in your home along with your other self-care products. They offered to send me their whole product line to try, which includes:

Whether your goal is to balance your pH, cleanse the skin around the vulva, or simply refresh after sitting at home working all day, Jez V has your back.

The product line is so well thought out; you can use one product specifically or use all 3.. they are meant to work together AND apart – which is really neat. Another thing I really liked and noticed about these products (all 3) is how long the effects lasted. It wasn’t a short-term temporary fix of some sort — it really helped me feel refreshed and clean, especially during our move!

We talked a lot about how important it is to look through ingredients and be very careful about what “feminine care” products you use during the Sexual Health workshop. Insecurities around smell and taste and feel are normal because we get zero education on what “normal,” (even from a healthy sense) even means!

Jez V products are all safe to use as directed and when I had a question about one of the ingredients, they got back to me within an hour. Okay! Let’s talk about these three amazing products, how you can use them, and the pros/cons.

Jez V Feminine Intimate Care

Jez V‘s
Intima Wash

Purpose: For gentle daily vaginal freshness & everyday use

Key Features:
– pH-Balanced
– Does not strip healthy vaginal bacteria, even with everyday use
– Naturally scented with Wild Mint

Key Ingredients:
– Green Tea Extract
– Aloe Vera
– Oryza (Rice Bran) Sativa Extract

How/When It Can Be Used:
– Morning/Nighttime/Everyday
– During/after menstruation

My recommendation is to add this to your shower routine as the last thing you do! Wash your face and then use Your Intima Wash and hop out feeling fresh.

Jez V Your Intima Cream

Your Intima Cream prevents odor-causing bacterial growth caused by sweat, chafing, undergarments, and menstruation. It’s not masking any odors, it’s preventing the bacterial growth that causes the odors. We’ve talked a lot about how the vagina is self-cleaning. This is not for your vagina. This is for your SKIN, your VULVA.

What I really do love is that it’s not just about odor control — it can help relieve itching, ingrown hairs, razor burns, and breakouts. It absorbs into the skin and creates a relieving and soothing effect.

Jez V Your Intima Cream has been tested and approved by Gynecologists & Dermatologists and certified safe for sensitive skin. 90% of female-identifying volunteers said that the cream neutralized odor for 3-5 days, 95% said it soothed their “intimate skin,” and 100% of women said it left their “intimate area feeling fresh.”

Jez V Feminine Intimate Care focuses on where the odor is coming from vs just masking it with chemicals and scents.

– Echinacea
– Myrtus Leaf Extract
– Allantoin
– Achillea

After your shower, wipe/pat your vulva dry. (Clean & dry is the ideal state we’re going for here.) Put the cream on in a smooth upward motion on your outer labia and then repeat again from the back of your outer labia back up your butt cheeks!

Purpose: Convenient, on-the-go or just no shower) freshness

Key Features:
– pH-Balanced
– Individually packaged wipes
1 Box comes with 30 single wrapped wipes
– Does not strip healthy vaginal bacteria, even with everyday use

Key Ingredients:
– Cranberry Extract
– Matricaria
– Aloe Vera
– Calendula Extract

When You Can Use:
– After the gym
– During the day or at work
– For any boost of intimate freshness you’re craving

Pros & Cons of the Jez V Feminine Intimate Care


  • High-Quality ingredients that are body-safe, pH balanced, and dermatologist and gynecologist approved
  • The packaging/branding is beautiful
  • There is NOTHING like the Your Intima Cream out there that’s this safe and effective
  • Customer Service + the team of people at Jez V are so wonderful


  • I don’t view this as a con, but I know some people may. High-quality plant-based ingredients make it so that the price of these products isn’t low. I think they are priced fairly for what the product is, but want to name that this could be prohibitive for some.
  • The wash and wipes have natural glycerin in them. They are not used internally, BUT if you are super super super sensitive to yeast infections, skip those and only use the cream, which doesn’t have glycerin in it.

Overall Rating of Jez V Feminine Intimate Care

To summarize, this luxury feminine care line is top of the line, so safe for your body and a must-try.

Overall: 5/5 stars.

Where You Can Purchase Jez V

Click here to go to Jez V’s site and make sure you use the code “RACHEL 15” for 15% off your purchase!!