Jeanne Mallorey is a Pisces, tarot card reader, and mother to two beautiful cats. She hails from central Pennsylvania but now lives in Orlando, Florida where she is finishing her master’s in New Media Journalism at Full Sail University

Jeanne brings uplifting energy and joy to the Rachel Wright team and holds the very critical position of “Cheif Content Officer.” All those big and important words mean Jeanne is the master organizer behind all things Rachel Wright’s content! Jeanne curates Rachel’s content to engage viewers through multimedia while still encompassing the Rachel Wright brand (which means making sure everything is accurate and fun, too!)

However, Jeanne’s passion has not always been in multimedia journalism. Her first passion was in dance. 

“I started dancing when I was, like, three and I danced my whole life up until I was eighteen and then I decided to go to college for dance,” she says with a bit of nostalgia in her voice. 

Jeanne explains that after graduating high school, she went to the University of Utah to pursue a degree in ballet. 

Photo provided by Jeanne Mallorey

Unfortunately, due to unexpected circumstances, Jeanne contracted mono (infectious mononucleosis) during her sophomore year, which put her behind on her schoolwork and ballet degree. 

“That put me really, really behind in class in terms of technique classes,” tells Jeanne. “So by the end of that year, I was feeling very disenfranchised and like, very upset because I didn’t want to be behind and I was already going to be behind my peers which is a big thing in dance and ballet.”

The summer after her sophomore year, Jeanne decided to attend a dance program in San Francisco

In this program, she met another dancer who attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington, a school she had previously looked at before deciding on the University of Utah. 

Jeanne chose to transfer schools to Cornish, which she describes as, “very much more of that crunchy granola post-modern dance vibe to it.”

During her collegiate career, Jeanne attended the Disney College Program for her senior capstone project analyzing the entertainment industry. 

“I loved my time on the Disney College Program because I think that was the first time in my life I didn’t dance for every day for an extended period of time,” says Jeanne

Once she finished her capstone project, Jeanne attended graduation ceremonies at Cornish but had two more classes left that she missed while at Disney. 

She spent the summer in Pennsylvania, after graduation, dreading the idea of going back to school. 

That summer she and her family discovered that she had Obsessive-compulsive disorder 9OCD) after a night of intrusive thoughts triggered by the medicine she was taking for a sinus infection. After many discussions, she and her family thought it would be best if Jeanne moved back to Orlando, a place she felt her best. 

In Orlando, she found a therapist and a job working for Disney. 

After a break and consistent ERP therapy, Jeanne finished her last two classes for Cornish and got her undergraduate degree in dance. 

Photo provided by Jeanne Mallorey

After completing her degree, Jeanne was searching for the next steps and reflected on what she was interested in. 

“I am really interested in writing, I am really interested in communication, which I think is just like a thing for dancers, like, we communicate with our bodies all the time,” she explains.

Jeanne then started to pursue a master’s program in multimedia journalism at Full Sail University. 

This past November, Jeanne left her full-time job with Disney to focus on finishing her full-time journalism degree. In December she was searching for a side job when a mutual friend shared Rachel Wright’s Instagram post for an intern or assistant. 

When Jeanne discovered she could potentially write for Rachel she was ecstatic. She looked further into Rachel’s online presence and applied! 

When asked about her thoughts on working in the sexuality field she says, “There are a lot of really beautiful thoughts and ideas and like, perspectives that the sexuality field brings to the world which I think is really important and really helpful to the world.”

So what does the future hold for Jeanne? She is planning to move to Brooklyn, New York in the near future, is re-designing her current dance-focused blog, Movement Source, and is on the hunt for a content writing job! 

While working for Rachel, Jeanne is able to explore her interests and expand her knowledge in multimedia journalism. 

Her big dream is to take her love for multimedia journalism and connect it with her passion for dance. She would love to create her own magazine focused on dance that is on-par with Dance Magazine

Jeanne is a sweet and caring soul who will surely make an impact in this world with her passion for mental health, dance, and multimedia journalism. No matter where she ends up, Jeanne will bring along her loving and welcoming personality that lights up any room!