Hannah Matheny is a student, a talented model, and Rachel Wright’s Social Media Manager & Therapist Mentee.

The North Carolina native, now living and working in New York City, first came to The Big Apple to pursue another life-long passion: dance. 

Hannah had the typical dance-infused childhood; She was involved in school clubs, took on several school leadership roles, and then went straight to dance every day for around 5-6 hours to take class and rehearse. 

After spending most of her time dancing in high school, including weekend competitions and performances, Hannah attended Marymount Manhattan College to pursue the art form and a double major in psychology. 

Photo provided by Hannah Matheny

However, Hannah began to lose her love for dance after about a year and a half of collegiate schooling and began to expand her interest in other areas, including modeling. 

“Something about it being graded, and ya know that kind of thing,” says Hannah, “It made my love for it kind of disappear.” 

Hannah decided to take a year off of school starting in January of 2020, after signing with a modeling agency, to get a break from consistently dancing and focus more on modeling.

At the same time, the Coronavirus Pandemic started to spread to the United States, hindering Hannah’s ability to explore her new pursuit. 

She decided to head home to North Carolina to wait out the storm; During which she realized that the time away from school allowed her to realize that she didn’t want to pursue dance any longer. 

“I had realized while I was not dancing that I wasn’t really missing it as much as I thought I was going to, so I decided I would officially drop out of Marymount,” she explains.

Hannah came back to New York in July and began attending Zoom castings and a couple of highly-regulated in-person castings, always intending to return to school eventually. 

She has since landed many modeling opportunities (all with extensive precautions in place to uphold the safety of everyone) and found a learning format that suits her work schedule. 

Hannah is now attending an online program to continue pursuing a degree in psychology with a particular interest in Women, Gender & Sexuality studies, and Queer Studies. 

She shares that being able to structure her own schedule has been a welcome shift from the strict scheduling pursuing dance often denotes. 

Hannah found Rachel Wright’s hiring notice on Instagram through her girlfriend who follows Rachel on Instagram, had noted Hannah’s interest in sexuality, gender, and queer studies, and recommended the part-time position to her! 

Through her work with Rachel, Hannah hopes to learn as much about therapy as she can while practicing her content creation abilities, an opportunity she’ll expand upon as Team RW shifts into a new phase.

Hannah hopes that her work for Team RW will give her t to eventually work for a queer-focused non-profit while also potentially working as a therapist for queer-identifying humans to actively make a difference in the LGBTQ+ community.

“The way I wanna transition from modeling into that kind of stuff is, like, I would love to have a platform where I can talk about all of the things I care about,” says Hannah. 

Her aesthetically warm Instagram account has almost 2K followers and reflects Hannah’s kind, calm demeanor and the sincerity of her ultimate goal: to make a difference for her community. 

Photo Provided by Hannah Matheny