Zooming into Brittany Sue HinesChicago apartment and chatting about her life as she sits in front of her couch is an inviting and laughter-filled experience. 

A genuine and friendly fan of Belgian beers, Hines works as Rachel Wright’s Right-Hand Human and Resident Joy-Spreader as well as in a virtual position helping to create the educational programming for the New London Barn Playhouse in New Hampshire.

Hines’ natural disposition leads to an ease in her joy-spreading responsibilities and organizational tasks.   

The avid yogi assists in project management, client care & communication, managing Wright’s inbox and calendar, team communications, enthusiastic creation of google docs and spreadsheets, as well as eventually working with sales and enrollment. 

The position also serves as a space for Hines to learn from Wrights’ expertise as a sex, relationship, and mental health therapist, advocate, educator, and speaker. 

Hines has always had a passion for sex education, but growing up in a relatively conservative Ohio town, where she attended Catholic school for 13 years, she didn’t always have the means to be able to express her interest or find the answers she sought in her youth. 

“That was just something that was very much so a part of my personal journey that I felt like I couldn’t connect with anybody about,” says Hines. 

Various factors, including her sense of otherness, prompted Hines to leave Ohio and study Musical Theatre at The Hartt School in Hartford, Connecticut; a subsection of the University of Hartford.

Photo Credit: Kathleen Amelia

As Hines moved through her collegiate experience she started to gain an interest in the administrative, directive, and educational sect of the theatre industry.

After graduating, her new interests led her to a position working at a children’s theatre as a performer where she was also asked to teach. 

“I fell in love,” says Hines. “This opportunity happened and I was like, oh this is fun. I love working with the young people!”

Hines also discovered her passion for advocating for high-quality, science-based sex education in her collegiate experience.

It was something that she didn’t have access to in her youth and found had a profound effect on the world at large. 

When Hines moved to Chicago in 2018, she discovered a theatre company that seemed to combine her two passions into one: teaching sex education using a theatrical lens. 

Most recently and serendipitously, Hines saw a shared social media post of Rachel Wright’s hiring announcement and immediately sent her a message to apply for a position. 

Hines couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn from, not only a sex education expert but a multi-faceted human; Hoping to follow her dreams of becoming a director of education at a theatre company where she can include sex education programming and/or get involved in politics in order to have a positive influence in her communities and/or follow in Wright’s educationally influential footsteps and share the work she loves through a platform. 

“There are so many avenues I would love to go down,” says Hines. 

It seems that, no matter what path Hines ends up following, her ability to bookend big topics with belly-aching laughter, sincere and heartfelt passion for widespread science-based sexual education, and genuine interest in making a positive impact on the world will allow her to shine both in her work with Rachel Wright and in her dream career, whatever that may be.