Here we are Fun Factory SMARTBALLS Duo Kegel Balls Review!!!!

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First, I think it’s important to note that Fun Factory ships discreetly and their packaging is top-notch. Everything is beautiful to look at, easy to understand, feels like a present within a present, and even has a game on the inside of the packaging to play with your partner(s)!

fun factory smartballs duo kegel balls sex toy review
This is the back of the main packaging. Even without anything else, this explains so much and is so easy to understand what it’s for and how to use it.

I love the jewelry box-esq look of the packaging and how cute the toy itself is and the fun colors make it feel safe and comfortable, especially if you’re newer to purchasing sex toys.

fun factory smartballs duo kegel balls sex toy review

Let’s talk about the specs:

  • Made of Silicone
  • Length: 3.7″
  • Width: 1.4″ (at widest)
  • Waterproof
  • Tapered for easy insertion
  • Colors Available: Grape, Raspberry, Red, Grey
  • Very easy to clean with mild soap + water (or a toy cleaner, like this one)

How to Use the Fun Factory SMARTBALLS Duo

  1. Get your water-based lube (remember silicone lube eats little holes in silicone toys where bacteria thrives, yuck!)
  2. Insert the balls into your vagina any way that is comfortable. You can do it like a tampon or lay on your back if you prefer. 
  3. You can squeeze and release or just wear them and go about your day.

    From Fun Factory: “We recommend using the SmartBalls for 30 minutes a day about 3-4 times a week.”

Each ball contains a small, round weight that bounces and rolls as you move, making your muscles work harder to keep them in – without you having to think about it.  

I was very tense at the time I was putting them in, which made it challenging. I had to relax. If my deep breathing hadn’t helped, I would have gone and laid down to put them in.

“Strengthening your pelvic floor prevents incontinence, increases blood flow for general vaginal health, helps you prep for childbirth, and assists your body in healing after childbirth. It can also help you have better muscle control during sex—if you want to increase the pressure your partner feels, for instance.” — Fun Factory

fun factory smartballs duo kegel balls sex toy review

Important Note: Fun Factory explicitly states that these are designed for the pelvic floor and not for anal use.

SMARTBALLS are a medically endorsed Kegel exercising device. They have been recommended by midwives and doctors since FUN FACTORY started selling them in European and USA pharmacies in the 1990’s.

Who May Enjoy This Toy, Sensations, & Ways to Use the Fun Factory SMARTBALLS

fun factory smartballs duo kegel balls sex toy review

“The way I would describe it is that it is like two jiggly balls that you insert and remove like a tampon. You feel a faint jiggle when you walk around with them but it’s nothing more.” – Bettina44, in her review of the Fun Factory SMARTBALLS Duo

The sensation is interesting at first and definitely is more comforting when you know your anatomy. The balls aren’t intrusive, but it’s very clear there’s somethin’ going on inside! It feels really nice after the initial, “oh, that’s that. okay.” In fact, while it’s not intended as a masturbation toy, it definitely got my body turned on. Who knows if it was the day, hormonal, situational, but it felt good.

Want some alternative ideas for this toy? Wear them during a spanking or holding a vibrator at the base. 

Pros & Cons of the Fun Factory SMARTBALLS Duo


  • Can be used solo while folding laundry or for stimulation during a spanking session — very versatile.
  • The silicone makes it easy to clean and the cord makes removal a breeze
  • Medically endorsed Kegel exercising device
  • The design: the finger indent at the bottom for insertion and the silicone loop at the bottom for removal makes it really easy to use


  • For anyone with a more shallow vagina, this will be too big. Instead, try Fun Factory’s SMARTBALLS Uno
  • It turned me on when I didn’t necessarily want to be turned on? (is this a con?)

Overall Rating

In summary, this kegel ball set from Fun Factory is intense in terms of size, feels really nice, and I’m excited to see the potential long-term effects.

The .5 star missing is due to the little plastic divets. I didn’t love how those felt while taking out the toy. Overall: 4.5/5 stars. Highly Recommend (or the SMARTBALLS Uno!).

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fun factory smartballs duo kegel balls sex toy review
*I am a Fun Factory partner // affiliate.