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Adam & Eve is a well-known online retailer for sex toys and other “adult pleasure items,” with a mission of only selling high-quality products in order to renovate the American sexuality industry standards, according to the company’s website.

The business was started in 1970 by Phil Harvey and Dr. Timothy Black with a small storefront in Chapel Hill, NC.

The store grew into “one of the largest mail-order catalog selling contraceptives through non-medical channels,” tells the company’s About page.

The founders of Adam & Eve had also already created a non-profit while in graduate school, that used the profits of selling mail-order condoms to help fund family-planning groups in developing countries.

When Adam & Eve took off, Harvey began DKT International, an organization with the same goal of providing family-planning but with the added education on HIV/AIDS prevention specific to Africa, Asia, and Latin America; Continuing to use Adam & Eve’s profits to help fund the outreach.

The company now sells an array of products such as vibrators, lingerie, bondage, and more from various brands as well as their own, as well as runs upscale boutiques across the country.

The Evolved TRIFECTA from Adam & Eve is a triple stimulating rabbit vibrator from the Evolved Brand, that looks a little intimidating, but it feels like heaven on earth.

Yeah, I said it.

This three-pronged, rabbit-style vibrator is one of the better toys I’ve enjoyed from them. It’s a little clunky — but feels incredible. Let’s get into the details of the Evolved TRIFECTA from Adam & Eve.

How to Use the Evolved TRIFECTA from Adam & Eve

Note: I found this toy to be complicated and distracting when using alone. However, having a partner use the toy on me was fantastic. It’s a complex toy and with a few practice sessions could be a great solo toy, but I actually recommend using it with a partner for the first time, if you’re comfortable with that.

  1. Wash your TRIFECTA with toy cleaner or soap and water
  2. Grab your favorite water-based, glycerin-free lubricant (check out my favorite lubes here!)
  3. Insert the vaginal (middle) part of the toy, holding the anal bead part towards your anus.
  4. When you get to your anus, insert those too. Then, you’ll have the toy inserted into your vagina, anus, and have the clitoral rabbit ears on your clitoris.
  5. Enjoy!

Who May Enjoy This Toy & Sensations of the Evolved TRIFECTA from Adam & Eve

Who May Enjoy This Toy: Someone who enjoys or is curious about enjoying clitoral, vaginal, and anal stimulation at the same time as a toy.

Sensations: There are graduated beads on the anal stimulator that also can vibrate. This can be left inside or put in and out to create crazy fun sensations around the anus. The rabbit-shaped clitoral stimulator buzzes and is pretty intense. Finally, the main shaft is phallic-shaped and has different textures, aiming to stimulate the g-spot and the vaginal canal as it goes in and out.

Where You Can Purchase the Evolved TRIFECTA from Adam & Eve

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