Sara Cornwall is a black long sleeve shirt with necklace against a plain wall with a couple vines of a plant behind her.

Sara Cornwall, a book-lover originally from Rhode Island, is an adventurous, intellectual, & compassionate Talent Acquisition Specialist based in New York City and Rachel Wright’s new Sex Education Apprentise. 

Saral’s travels started when she went to college at McGill University in Montreal, Canada to study English Literature and Anthropology. 

During her much-beloved time at McGill, Sara spent a semester abroad in New Zealand where she fell in love with her now ex-husband. 

It was through this relationship that she moved to New Zealand upon completing her degree and eventually Sydney, Australia where Sara obtained a Masters degree in international business. 

“I ended up getting into working in specialist medical education,” tells Sara. 

Close up of Sara Cornwall wearing a green shirt with a necklace on and a window bright w/ sunlight behind her.
Photo provided by Sara Cornwall

She explains that she worked for three different colleges that set curriculum, accredit teaching hospitals, and host/verify exams. 

After working for a couple different colleges Sara realized that she wasn’t passionate about her work and wanted to find something that felt more fulfilling.

“By then I had met some friends who were in recruitment,” says Sara. 

She explains, “They seemed to really love their job and I also heard you could make good money doing it so I was like, ‘do you guys think I would be any good at it’?” 

Her friends tested her abilities by having her call the hotel they were staying at during a girls trip to Brisbane to see if Sara would be able to get them free champagne; A gift not commonly given in Australia. 

“So I got on the phone and tried,” says Sara, “I couldn’t get the champagne because it’s Australia and they don’t do that stuff, but my friends were like ‘okay you can be a recruiter’ because basically to be a recruiter you have to be willing to get onto the phone.”

This natural willingness to try and ability to read, understand, and connect with other people steered Sara towards pursuing this new career path and working as her friends’ first hire in a new agency they had created, all while her romantic relationship broke down. 

Selfie of Sara Cornwall at a beach wearing a black t-shirt and necklace.
Photo provided by Sara Cornwall.

“Top tip: if you are struggling in a monogamous relationship, the solution is not to involve additional people,” says Sara with a hint of a giggle behind her words. 

She explains that through the process of opening up her relationship, her and her partner learned that they had grown significantly apart and realized the relationship wasn’t going to work, eventually separating while Sara began working at her friends’ startup. 

“Life was going well. I was the top biller at the company. I was earning lots of money but I was just not, something just didn’t feel right, like in my soul,” says Sara. 

Trusting her instincts to seek something more, Sara took some time to travel through India, Sri Lanka, and across some of the United States before finding her now home in East Harlem.

She spent the summer months before COVID hit exploring New York City and landing a part-time position at her current job with a global online media company, allowing her the flexibility and comfort in knowing that she’s placing her recruits in a good position with good people. 

Enjoying her position, having more stagnant free time from the pandemic, and continuing to discover her interest in the educational aspects of the sexuality space, Sara began to explore the notion of finding a passion project to work on in her free time when she stumbled upon Rachel Wright’s Instagram post announcing her search for an assistant.

“The Universe has spoken! I was like, ‘this is it’,” laughs Sara, “So I wrote her a message being like, I am quite sure I am significantly older than you’re anticipating and this might be a long-shot but this is my spiel,” explains Sara. 

Now able to explore her other interests along with continuing her exceptional recruitment work, Sara hopes one day to explore the intersection between her passion for the sexuality industry, interest in activism, and enjoyment, experience, and expertise in recruitment.

Ultimately, with a dream of existing in a world where every individual is treated with respect and has their basic needs provided for.

Selfie of Sara Cornwall wearing a black tank top in front of a wood building with a peice of art on it
Photo provided by Sara Cornwall.