Introducing Team RW

Flo against a drawn yellow background

Introducing Team RW: Flo Oliveira

Flo Oliveira (they/them) is a caring, motivated sex-therapist-to-be whose passion for changing the world impacts everything they do. They continuously exude love and compassion.  Flo is a student-athlete at the University of California Davis, graduating this spring as a track-and-field star and they’re in the process of getting a sex education certificate and is Rachel …

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Emerson pictured against a drawn purple background with a large teal and while wavy, stripe behind her

Introducing Team RW: Emerson Karsh-Lombardo

Emerson Karsh-Lombardo is a student at the University of Kansas, an Administrative Assistant through the Jewish Studies Department, and Rachel Wright’s new O.R.C.H.I.D. Intern.  Emerson’s unique role with Rachel includes a diverse range of tasks: Organization, Research, Content Creation, Helping Hand, Innovation, and Development assistance.  Growing up in a progressive household in Denver, Colorado, any …

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Kelsey Feldman smiling with her "Be a nice human" t-shirt pictured against a coral background with white and yellow drawn wavy bands around her.

Introducing Team RW: Kelsey Feldman

Kelsey Feldman is a sun-loving therapist-to-be whose sweet and generous personality is exemplified in every sentence she speaks as she chats about her life in her Southern California apartment. Feldman is a master’s student studying marriage and family therapy and psychology at Brandman University, a Preschool Manager, and is working with Rachel Wright as her …

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