Introducing Team RW: Kelsey Feldman

Kelsey Feldman is a sun-loving therapist-to-be whose sweet and generous personality is exemplified in every sentence she speaks as she chats about her life in her Southern California apartment. Feldman is a master’s student studying marriage and family therapy and psychology at Brandman University, a Preschool Manager, and is working with Rachel Wright as a […]

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Introducing Team RW: Brittany Sue Hines

Zooming into Brittany Sue Hines’ Chicago apartment and chatting about her life as she sits in front of her couch is an inviting and laughter-filled experience.  A genuine and friendly fan of Belgian beers, Hines works as Rachel Wright’s Right-Hand Human and Resident Joy-Spreader as well as in a virtual position helping to create the […]

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32 Lessons I Learned During My 32nd Year
rachel wright

You can learn more about them here. That’s it. That wraps up the 32 lessons I learned during my 32nd turn around the sun. Let’s see what this next year has to offer. Oh, and, of course, thank you so so so much for your support (and helping me celebrate my birthday!)⁣

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