Episode 9: A Conversation About My Polyamorous Fam: A Sit Down Conversation with my Primary Partners

Hey everyone! Welcome to today’s episode of the Wright Conversations Podcast! For today’s episode, I’m joined by my primary partners, Kyle, Ashley, and Yair. We are going to talk about how we met, how this all started, and where we see it going. We also talk about our experiences dating during the pandemic, experiencing the motions and emotions, and our family structure, and we have important messages that we want everyone to know.

Let’s delve in!

In this Episode, You’ll Learn:
[04:24] Yair’s perspective.
[10:13] Ashley’s perspective.
[18:50] Kyle’s perspective.
[23:00] The early days.
[24:14] Distanced dating.
[32:37] Getting physical for the first time.
[40:18] Experiencing jealousy.
[44:29] Getting through insecurities.
[55:20] What makes it all worth it?
[62:36] Our structure and where we’re going.
[69:11] What do we want everyone to know about our relationship(s)

“Jealousy pulls on your insecurities.” [44:46]
“The more times you work through something, the easier it is to go through the next time, but it’s still going to be a next time, and it’s still going to be challenging.” [53:38]
“Every single dynamic gets to be what it is and celebrated for what it is.” [61:32]
“We want our legal structure to reflect what our emotions and our day-to-day lives look like.” [65:03]
“It’s not all orgies all the time. Everyone knows orgies are for Thursdays.” [69:43]
“We’re not that different.” [73:37]

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