Episode 6: A Conversation About Creating Containers

For today’s episode, I will be talking about the concept of a container, and creating containers, and I’ll be reading some of my clients’ thoughts about the use of containers in their lives. I’ll also get into how, when, where, and why you should be creating containers.

Let’s delve in!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:
[02:15] Finding answers.
[05:57] Creating a container separate from the rest of life.
[09:17] Setting the intention for a container.
[11:39] The safe space.
[13:38] Consent.
[17:04] How to create containers in your life.
[17:52] Your action item.

“When we create a container for ourselves, we can then not have it spill over into the other parts of our lives.” [08:16]
“You get to create the agreements inside this container.” [14:47]

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