Episode 4: A Conversation About My Journey into Non-Monogamy

For today’s episode, I will be sharing my journey into non-monogamy. I will be talking about my journey from monogamy to non-monogamy, exploring my sexuality, and the moment I was set free. I also look back at some of my diary entries, the experience of simply being myself and now living my life without restrictions.

Let’s delve in!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:
[04:30] Non-monogamy as an orientation.
[07:27] June 18th, 2003.
[14:45] Simply being myself.
[16:30] Serial monogamy.
[17:46] Committing to one food at a buffet.
[18:38] Learning about non-monogamy.
[19:26] My journey with Kyle.
[21:40] Rereading my diary and setting myself free.
[23:21] Becoming a four-person family.

“In order to explore my sexuality and sexual orientation, I broke up with multiple people of multiple genders, simply because I thought I couldn’t date more than one person at a time.” [17:17]
“I didn’t learn what non-monogamy was until I was in a class called Relationship Therapy in my Masters Program.” [18:43]
“I set myself free” [22:18]

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