Episode 29: A Conversation About Over-Diagnosing and Sharing Online as a Therapist with Dr. Courtney Tracy


Hey everyone! Welcome to today’s episode of the Wright Conversations Podcast! For today’s episode, I’m joined by Dr, Courtney Tracy to talk about being transparent on social media as a therapist, her BPD, and mental health diagnoses. Dr. Tracy also talks about the most common issues since the pandemic started, cultivating courage, and how to take the first steps towards navigating vulnerability.
Let’s delve in!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:
[01:14] A bit about Dr. Courtney Tracy.
[02:31] Sharing online as a therapist.
[04:49] Borderline Personality Disorder.
[07:00] Why BDP is so stigmatized.
[09:25] Are mental health issues becoming over-diagnosed or are people becoming more aware and seeking diagnoses?
[11:57] What has been the most common issue lately?
[15:42] Dr. Tracy’s advice.
[17:52] Does Dr. Tracy need to cultivate courage?
[19:51] How can someone know that they can benefit from what Dr.Tracy is putting out into the world?
[22:08] The first step towards sharing and navigating vulnerability.
[26:49] Dr. Tracy’s words of wisdom.

“Our species needs a lot of f*cking work.” [10:58]
“Even connecting with your distress is important.” [16:59]
“I’m just trying to share my truth with the hopes that it will prevent you from hiding yours.” [20:31]
“I wish we lived in a world where being yourself was not considered an act of f*cking bravery.” [21:05]
“You may think that everything in your life is out of control right now, but the things that are in your control once weren’t, and they’re so in your control now that you didn’t even realize it.” [27:01]


Dr. Tracy Bio
Dr. Courtney Tracy, aka The Truth Doctor, is a renowned psychotherapist, licensed clinical social worker, healthcare entrepreneur, activist, creator, speaker, writer, and host of The Truth Doctor Show. By the age of 30, she became a licensed therapist, and received four degrees, including a Master of Social Work and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Through her platform, The Truth Doctor, she is helping Gen Z and their families understand mental health stigma and healing.


Connect with Dr. Courtney Tracy

Website:            www.thetruthdoctor.com.

Instagram:          @the.truth.doctor.

Twitter:              @_thetruthdoctor.

TikTok:              @the.truth.doctor.

YouTube:           The Truth Doctor Show.

Podcast:            Truth Doctor Show.

LinkedIn:            Dr. Courtney Tracy.



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