Episode 26: A Conversation About Religious Trauma (& How It Affects Sex & Mental Health) with Rae Gross


I’m joined by Rae Gross to talk about religious trauma, it’s effects on sex and mental health, and how to figure out if you have religious trauma. Rae also talks about her experience of religious trauma, how she reintegrated into the world after leaving the Mormon faith, and she gives advice to those who are in a similar position.
Let’s delve in!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:
[02:05] A bit about Rae.
[04:04] Let’s define religious trauma.
[05:23] How to tell if you have religious trauma.
[06:34] Religious trauma’s effects on sexuality and sex life.
[09:16] Religious trauma’s effects on mental health.
[11:07] Rae’s story through religious trauma.
[18:39] Reintegrating into the world.
[26:00] Finding what Rae wanted.
[29:03] Rae’s advice to anyone in the same position.
[33:33] Rae’s words of wisdom.

“Sexuality is such a huge part of what it means to be human.” [03:35]
“Religious trauma starts in the organization.” [06:56]
“There’s never a discussion of love or attraction in Mormonism. There’s only a discussion of righteousness and worthiness.” [12:07]
“Nothing seems scary because staying is the scariest thing on earth.” [16:30]
“Discover your boundaries.” [29:33]
“Be gentle on yourself.” [30:09]
“Above all, be safe. Practice safe sex.” [30:29]
“Honor your body and your autonomy as much as you can.” [30:51]
“Sexuality is one of the pillars of being human, and when you don’t have all the pillars, the structure isn’t stable.” [36:34]


Rae Gross Bio
Rae is a sex-positive associate marriage and family therapist, working with clients who have experienced religious trauma, family of origin trauma, as well as those with ADHD, anxiety, cancer, chronic illnesses, depression, and relational and intimacy issues. Over 20 years ago, she left the Mormon faith, and she has been working to reclaim her own spirituality, and curiosity, and explore her post-Mormon sexual and gender identity. She hosts a Former Mormon Support Group, and co-hosts the FoMo (Former Mormon) Podcast with Melissa Hannan.


Connect with Rae

Website:  www.raegross.com

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Instagram: @thewright_rachel
Twitter: @thewrightrachel


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