Episode 25: A Conversation About Finding the Right Therapist for You with Melissa Fulgieri


Welcome to today’s episode of the Wright Conversations Podcast! For today’s episode, I’m joined by Melissa Fulgieri to talk about how to go about finding the right therapist in today’s informed culture, figuring out your ‘why’, and which red flags to look for when searching for therapists. Melissa also talks about being open about therapy on social media, having shared lived experiences, and taking an active approach to care.
Let’s delve in!

In this Episode, You’ll Learn:

[01:55] A bit about Melissa.
[02:37] The Couples Therapy Activity Book.
[04:54] Melissa’s first thoughts on this topic.
[06:18] Finding the right fit in today’s culture.
[08:15] Where do you start?
[10:26] Translating your ‘why’ into your search.
[12:26] Therapist red flags.
[15:38] Sharing on social media.
[21:33] Finding therapists through different routes.
[25:53] Gender, race, and sexual orientation.
[35:58] Melissa’s words of wisdom.


“We’re in a time right now in our culture where we have the most informed consumers of therapy.” [05:30]
“People are much more open about the fact that they go to therapy or have sought out therapy.” [14:37]
“We cannot be a good fit for everyone.” [20:39]
“You should tap into your community first.” [22:04]
“Just because you’re part of the same group doesn’t mean you have the same lived experience.” [28:23]
“Interview your therapist even harder than you would interview a first date.” [34:02]
“Listen to yourself.” [35:13]

Melissa’s Bio

Working as a therapist for over 10 years, Melissa has helped her clients gain greater insights into themselves, allowing them to reach their full potential on their path to self-sufficiency. During the pandemic, Melissa started her private practice and published her first book, The Couples Therapy Activity Book, a book aimed at helping people in relationships build and deepen their intimacy with one another.

Connect with Melissa

Website:           www.melissafulgieri.com

Instagram:        @melissafulgierillc

Connect with Rachel Wright
Website: https://rachelwrightnyc.com
Instagram: @thewright_rachel
Twitter: @thewrightrachel


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