Episode 23: A Conversation About Libido

Hey everyone! Welcome to today’s episode of the Wright Conversations Podcast! For today’s episode, I talk about libido, how libido functions on a spectrum, and the 8 categories of things that affect our libido. I’ll also talk about important questions to ask yourself surrounding your personal libido, and knowing when to check under the hood of your libido.

Let’s delve in!


In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • [03:59] What is libido?
  • [06:19] The libido spectrum.
  • [08:30] What is a “normal” libido?
  • [11:02] 8 things that affect libido.
  • [11:16] Category 1: Stress.
  • [11:45] Category 2: Relationship factors.
  • [12:09] Category 3: Hormones.
  • [12:35] Category 4: Mental health.
  • [13:05] Category 5: Medications.
  • [13:54] Category 6: Physical health.
  • [14:29] Category 7: Sexual knowledge and awareness.
  • [14:43] Category 8: Developmental factors.



  • “The biggest issue that comes up between two people that are in a sexual relationship is mismatched libido.” [02:54]
  • “Our libidos fluctuate. It is context specific.” [07:30]
  • “[normal libido] is any interest or drive toward sex that does not interfere with your life.” [08:36]
  • “We all have our own personal normal libido. There is not a universal normal libido.” [10:06]
  • “When your libido is off from your normal, ask yourself if any of these apply to you.” [15:09]


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