Episode 22: A Conversation About The Relationship Escalator & Creating Your Own Milestones

Hey everyone! Welcome to today’s episode of the Wright Conversations Podcast! For today’s episode, I will be talking about the traditional relationship escalator, creating our own relationship milestones, and the subconscious societal pressure to conform. I will also talk about the various categories on the non-escalator relationship menu and figuring out what you want from your relationships with your partner(s) and/or friends.

Let’s delve in!


In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • [03:01] What is the relationship escalator?
  • [04:31] Going up the escalator and/or creating your own milestones.
  • [07:44] Navigating commitment off of the escalator.
  • [08:22] The escalator in Disney movies.
  • [10:13] An alternative metaphor to the escalator.
  • [10:56] The Non-Escalator Relationship Menu.
  • [16:19] Commitment.
  • [17:43] Emotional Intimacy.
  • [19:24] Social integration.
  • [20:38] Quality time.
  • [21:44] Communication.
  • [22:17] Physical intimacy.
  • [23:23] Financial management.
  • [23:52] Autonomy.



  • “Every relationship that you have is important, and that includes your platonic ones.” [09:58]
  • “You can step on to something to propel a relationship forward, but you don’t need to take it up.” [10:44]
  • “Physical intimacy really changes and often is not discussed enough.” [22:26]
  • “There are a million different ways to be in relationship. There is not one way.” [24:19]
  • “Try to figure out the way that works for you.” [24:32]



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