Episode 15: A Conversation About Kink, Drugs & Non-Monogamy with John Romaniello

***Content / Trigger Warning, in this episode, we discuss sensitive topics that may not be suitable for all audiences. Topics like sexual abuse and physical abuse, including child sexual molestation. This may be an episode to skip, or use headphones for, if you have others around you that may not be prepared to listen.***

Hey everyone! Welcome to today’s episode of the Wright Conversations Podcast! I’m joined by John Romaniello (he/him), author, angel investor, media personality, and consultant for today’s episode. We will talk about the excitement around having clear conversations and how John started opening up and pushing the boundaries of his comfort zone. John also talks about his imposter syndrome identifying as queer, being open about drug use, and get some of John’s words of wisdom.

Let’s delve in!

In this Episode, You’ll Learn:
[05:10] How we know each other.
[14:18] The hotness of certainty.
[17:45] Opening up around kink, drugs, and non-monogamy.
[26:48] Is there a line?
[31:42] Imposter syndrome claiming the queer label.
[35:14] John’s processing of shame.
[38:36] Being open about drug use.
[53:32] John’s words of wisdom.

“One of the hottest things in the world is certainty.” [14:28]
“I believe that comfort zones expand.” [27:04]
“Go explore your box if you haven’t.” [53:54]

John’s Bio
John Romaniello is an author, angel investor, media personality, and consultant who helps entrepreneurs improve communication skills and increase revenue through writing. On Instagram, he publishes content around kink, non-monogamy, polyamory, and tries to get rid of the shame that many carry around sex.


Connect with John Romaniello
Website: https://johnromaniello.com
Instagram: @johnromaniello


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Website: https://rachelwrightnyc.com
Instagram: @thewright_rachel
Twitter: @thewrightrachel


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