Episode 12: A Conversation About Cultivating Sex-Positive Community with Cory Bush

Hey everyone! Welcome to today’s episode of the Wright Conversations Podcast! I’m joined by Cory Bush (they/them), a sex-positive doula, and relationship coach, for today’s episode. We will talk about finding our community, warning signs to look out for at events, and some of the biggest faux pas people make when cultivating a community. Cory also talks about the importance of conflict resolution, online communities, and why community itself is vital to our existence.

Let’s delve in!

In this Episode, You’ll Learn:
[03:52] Before Cory started.
[11:34] Relationships require repetition.
[18:37] Where do we start?
[23:04] Warning signs at events.
[32:01] The biggest faux pas in cultivating community.
[42:40] Cory’s words of wisdom.

“Everyone doesn’t need to like you.” [15:50]
“Your gut and your intuition is powerful.” [25:35]
“Focus less on trying to pretend that you know the right things to do, and focus more on learning and being open to people teaching you a new way of handling things.” [39:15]
“Community is literally everything.” [45:38]


Cory Bio
Cory Bush (they/them) is a sex-positive doula and relationship coach based in Brooklyn, NY. Cory believes that sex positivity is crucial to living a fulfilling life as it serves as an intersectional framework that seeks to combat shame and fear that keeps people from being who they’ve always wanted to be.


Connect with Cory Bush
Website: https://www.corybushdoula.com
Instagram: @thecorybush
Patreon Mentioned in Episode: @askasub


Connect with Rachel Wright
Website: https://rachelwrightnyc.com
Instagram: @thewright_rachel
Twitter: @thewrightrachel


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